Anyone on MDI and have a CGM?

I was wondering how many people have a CGM and are on MDI ? I would like to hear about your experience.

 I was recently diagnosed with retinopathy and neuropathy and need to make changes. However I am not interested in the pump at this time. I am considering a CGM to possibly help achieve better control.

Hey -- sorry about your diagnoses! I am on both (on lantus and novolog, and a dexcom CGM). I love the dexcom and have found it very helpful. I haven't found a pump to be related to using it, although I occasionally wish I could disconnect a pump when I see myself gradually going lower... It's been a good fit for me so far.

Do you have any specific questions?

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Hey -- sorry about your diagnoses!


Thanks. I found out about both of them in the same week.


I guess my main concern is do you feel it has helped improve your A1C? That's my goal to get below an 8.  

This is kinda silly but can you set the CGM to vibrate I can't be beeping in class, LOL. : )

I use the Dexcom too - yes, you can set the alarms to vibrate.  :)  That was one of my big concerns as well.  I've noticed, though, if you go "LOW", and it has already vibrated once, it will start beeping intermittently until it reads you higher than 40.  A pain in the butt when you're out in public, but life-saving if you're asleep.

In the last seven months, my A1C has gone from 8.2 to 7.1, then to 6.5.  I've coincidentally, or maybe not so coincidentally, been using the CGM for the same amount of time.  I can't say enough good things about it.

(P.S. Sarah - I was glad to see you respond to this!  You were the first person I thought of when she asked if anyone used a CGM while on MDI...  (: )

I'm not, but am considering it.  My endocrinologist was really talking it up last time I was in there.  I've done some research.  My only concern is that I gotta wear that thing AND test maybe more than I am now.  My quest for something that will make controlling my diabetes EASIER is not going so well.  How much do you guys have to test with that thing?  (Sorry to hi jack your thread somewhat Orange MMs!)

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How much do you guys have to test with that thing?


That's a tough one to answer accurately.  You "have" to test every 12 hours to calibrate the thing, but they also will tell you explicitly that you aren't supposed to use CGM readings as a basis for food and insulin decisions, so you're supposed to keep testing like you normally did.  However, many of us find ourselves testing even more than that.  It's a weird phenomenon - the more information you have, the more information you want, I guess.

That was the main improvement of the seven plus (vs. the old seven) on the dexcom -- not only can you set it to vibrate, not beep, but you can even shut it down briefly and turn it back on w/ no problem. I used to leave the old 7 in the car when I went to the movies, so I wouldn't get in trouble for beeping loudly. (:

I personally test about 6-7 times a day with the dexcom (vs. 8-10 before I got it). I like to have written data of before and after each meal, and I like to be assured that my sensor is accurate b/c occasionally they're off. But, there have been times I needed to run out w/o a big bag (e.g., walking instead of driving to run errands) and I've just brought the CGM -- no meter.

For me, my a1c's were already okay, so I got the CGM to help with my hypoglycemia unawareness, and it's been a big, big, big help. Unfortunately, my husband and I have learned to totally sleep through the nighttime beeping, so it no longer helps me at night, but I'm a sound sleeper. But, I'd imagine it could really help bring your a1c down! I have so much valuable data now that I never knew before...

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  (Sorry to hi jack your thread somewhat Orange MMs!)


No problem DDrumminMan, it's a good question. I don't consider it high jacking when we're both searching for useful information : )

Thanks for your responses !!

Does the monitor have to be attached to you or can you put it in say..a purse, bag?

 I am currently looking into the possibility of getting one. I visit my endo next week and will set this process in motion (hopefully).

The receiver (monitor) does not have to be attached to you.  It just needs to be within about 5 feet.  I often have mine in my purse, a pocket, or just laying on my desk at work.