Anyone on shots?

I just read through-Who Are We- and it looks like most everyone is on the pump.My teen takes shots and said she won't think of the pump till college.But I hear the way most people love the pump,and I want her to give it a try.

i'm on shots and i hate it. i'm too active for a truely steady amount of insulin. i'm on lantus and humalog and my lantus changes so much. i'm hoping to be pumping by december :)


Although I'm not currently on shots, I was for a long, long, LONG time.  Both have their advantages, and it really depends on your daughters personal preference. but you never know until you try, right?

If you get in contact with any of the pump providers, many of them will send a sample of two or three days worth so you can see how you like it (you'll still have to give shots during this period though as many of them are fake pumps or just the infusion sets.)

I hope this helps, and good luck!


she can try out a pump if you call a local rep for the pump of your choice or if you go to a diabetes center you can ask them if they have one available to try.

My 15-year-old son is on shots.  He wants a pump, but his endocrinologist won't consider it until next April.  I don't know whether the pump will be the best thing for him or not.  It might come down to how much it gets in the way of dancing.

It truly takes her own decision to switch in order to move on from shots. At first, I was obsessed with and couldn't wait for the pump. Then, as I came out of my honeymoon phase and options opened up for me, I was scared to death of it again. I was in the middle, wasn't sure I'd like it, when I decided to go on it. Information helps, and so do pump trials. Once she sees it isn't so scary, she may be more open to the idea of an insulin pump.

It, in my opinion, is a better method of care, as far as comfort and tight control goes. I would recomend it.

I'm on shots. I take humalog 3x's a day and levemir at bedtime. I don't mind using syringes because I can inject and I'm finished. Where if I had the pump, it is constantly there and I am not interested in being attached to something all day,everyday. This is my personal opinion. Who knows if I'll change my mind down the road, right now I'm just not interested in the pump. It's all a matter of personal preference.

I'm currently on shots, I just got my pump one Monday and am waiting to get my training. At first, I didn't want a pump, but as I thought about it it gives so much freedom. But, no one can push her into doing it, it needs to be her choice.

I'm on shots as well.  I've considered the pump but realizing my lifestyle, injections work better for me.

im on shots, and even considering my crazy lifestyle, shots work best for me. the pump is too "scary" for me as a 15year vetren of shots, and also seems as the "lazy" way out of things personally.

i am going to talk to my endo this month about using a CGMS for a bit and a trial of a pump...but only because im sick of being yelled at for not using a pump when i dont believe it is right for me. i  have been bullied into trying a pump for a trial, only so that when im yelled at or told im a "bad diabetic" for not being on a pump, i have better reason than just "im not comfortable with letting a computer giving me insulin". joy. im not excited about it at all. especially since tubing is my main issue and the omnipod is not available in canada.

Our son is still using injections, but was just recently diagnosed.  Our endo's policy is to wait at least 6 months, and according to our DE most insurance companies need to be comfortable that the individual already has good control over BS, carb counting, etc.  As a mom, right now I feel the injections are better suited for our son.  There seems to be more "management" involved with a pump, and I don't think he'll be comfortable wearing something all the time.  That may change over time, but it will be up to him if/when he switches to a pump.



Gina,I went back over to Educating Others,and watched all the videos,This morn. I watched only the first one.I hope you can put every video here,so I can see them all.Please continue making these,or show ones made by others.They do such a good job at showing real life.-The Pump,after watching these I really know my daughter will have to decide when and if she wants the pump.It seems to be more things and steps needed to do things right.I still want her to give it a try,but she will have to make the call.Thank you and everyone for your thoughts on this.

We should pull a Truman on Gina and make her document herself for a year :D

Thanks for this question. I'm on injections because I have an insulin allergy (I get a painful hive where I inject). So, keeping an infusion site in for 3 days causes a major hive for me. I actually tried the pump for a full 6 months and had crazy sugars because of bad absorption. But, I always feel like a "bad type 1" w/o a pump! Glad to have fellow injectors here. (: 

I WAS able to use a CGM, but got lazy about it and haven't used it in a year and a half. Being here will hopefully motivate me to get back on the bandwagon within the next 6 months. Please send me nagging reminders, ha,ha!

Sarah, this is your nagging reminder :D

I'm just kidding. I know that wasn't helpful.

Maybe in a week? I promise I'm not ready to even FIND the *&^% thing tonight. lol.

LOL Sarah I'll set an alarm to remind you next Sunday!

I was on the pump for five years and went back to shots. I have actually had better control with shots and I feel shots actually give me more freedom than the pump. But, like many others said, its also based on one's preferences.

I dislike being attatched to it all the time :P

im on shots and i hate it. i have lantus and novorapid. that lantus is extremly painful and i have to take both kinds of insulin in huge amounts because my body is stupid...i want a pump really bad except no one wants me to have diabetes educator said that the endochronologist won't even consider a pump for me cause appearently if they think i cant take care of myself with the shots i definatly can't handle a extremly unfair....i HATE taking the stuff. (the lantus in particular) =(