Anyone on shots?

Miyuu, sorry to hear about that!

I had the same problem with my endo! He said I couldn't get the pump until I got my stuff under control... well we soon switched doctors and I got the pump about two months later (after all the pre-pump classes)

So maybe try switching doctors?



That's what I heard, too, that if you don't have good "control" (which translates into numbers :P) they won't reccomend/put you on a pump :(

yea, and it was really discouraging.

of course, i was a lazy diabetic, but once i tried a little harder and switched, I got one

as long as they know you're trying, I think they would consider a pump - especially since it supposedly gives you better control

I'm on shots.  I'm not interested in a pump at this point in time either.  I have done my due diligence researching it and it does not appeal to me.  I've been doing shots since 1977, so they don't hurt anymore at all.  It's a total no event at this point. Like Orange M&Ms said, I do a shot and I'm done with it until next time.  I have nothing connected to me.  I don't have to test as much.  I have good control.  I don't have  a computer/machine giving me insulin which, as Batts says, kindof bother me a little too.  I find this to sound more like freedom than what the pump offers.  I don't consider myself a "bad diabetic" in any way shape or form for not being on the pump, and I don't care what everyone else thinks.  I do what works best for me. 

Now if they ever come out with a CGM/pump all in one unit with one stick, I'l reconsider!

Hi Batts,Be sure to talk to your endo about how you feel.I know you have,I am sorry to even think you are feeling bad for stii taking shots.We have never come across this problem.I would like to hear how the pump trail goes.

I am on shots and I had tried the pump in college for a little over a year before returning to shots. I have been a diabetic for 15 years and I actually prefer the shots to the pump. The pump is very convenient but I could not get over the actually look. I did not like going to the beach or pool with the pump or tubing showing while in a bikini.  I had a few other things I did not like and could not get used to, so I am sticking with shots. My A1c is 6.7 with shots and was not much better with the pump.