Anyone Seen the Controversial ‘Hannah Montana’ Diabetes Episode?

We ran an article on Diabetes News Hound this morning about a 'Hannah Montana' episode dealing with diabetes that was pulled, reedited and is set to air later this month. The original episode came under criticism for its inaccurate portrayal of diabetes. Has anyone seen the original episode, which was accessible via on-demand for a short period? What's your opinion of the show as originally constructed?

Click on the headline to read: Controversial ‘Hannah Montana’ Diabetes Episode Finally Set to Air

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I watched it on You Tube.

Actually, my mom read it in a paper or something, its gonna be aired on september 20th, sunday 7:30pm =) im actually interested in going to watch it =)

It's going to be awkward watching it, I think.

Are they still keeping the "no sugar" theme? They never said in the episode if he was T1 or T2, so I'm just curious what has been edited. Guess we'll have to wait and see :)

Yea I saw it. Its been around for a while. They edited it though I think they are going to air the new episode soon.

Sorry guys, I haven't seen it. What were some things that they would have edited out? Were they treating him as if he was type 2? Tell me the deets! :-D

I just looked it up on youtube.

That REALLY frustrates me. 

Most people already don't know what diabetes is, and when people saw this, that confirmed their imaginary idea of what it is. 

It annoys me sooo much when people say "well you cant have sugar" this episode is the definition of my pet peeve!!

You would think that disney knows about diabetes because of nick jonas, but i guess not!!

Maybe people should get together and let Diusney know what the public should expect and also what the truth acturally is.

I love the way everyone is taking the 'Hannah Montana Diabetes episode' so seriously, drawing the same controversial and descriminatory reactions like a black crowd in a Kramer stand-up comedy show. Firstly, let me draw everyone's attention to the fact that it is 'Hannah Montana.' Could one expect anything less from such a high brow kiddies show (note the sarcasm) - I think not. What does one expect when a yokel daughter of the redneck heart-throb Billy Ray is educating the youth of today?

In my opinion, I feel the modern-day Shirley Temple has done a favour for diabetics world-wide! If young males with type 1 diabetes are getting sympathy hugs from schoolyard hotties like Hannah Montana, i'm going to resit my elementary exams - as sick and twisted as that sounds. Suddenly having diabetes gives an injection hardened street-cred with a socially manouverable companion as Hannah 'the free hugging' Montana. I wonder what Hannah would give to see the 'sugar boy's' keytones? I will leave that one up to the readers imagination. Hannah gets a sufficient wrap from the crew of South Park, and funnily enough, South Park has given diabetes an unfavourable wrap regarding also....To worry over Hannah is to worry over the fact that one may suffer from the consequences of bad control. Futile.

I hope I haven't offended anybodies sensibilities in my rant.

Alexander, I've never seen Hannah Montana, but I know the show is very popular among kids. So, even though you find the show silly, I think people feel concerned b/c it could give kids incorrect information about D. Kids w/ T1 already have to deal with difficult comments in school, so I'm sure they worry this will make things harder for them. Even though it's a kid's show, it really wouldn't be too difficult to make sure they get their medical info right. Hire an endocrinologist to consult once by just reading the script. Or, I bet JDRF would help for free. 

Ok everyone. I was looking on the Disney Channel website at the show times. Turns out that they changed the name for it to Uptight (Oliver's Alright). It will still be aired on September 20th at 7:30. Just thought I would let you guys know.

I havent seen it, i'd like to though.

I think that's garbage. How can anybody be offended by Hannah Montana! I realise kids are watching the show...i'm sure there will be harder trials and tribulations then an episode of Hannah to deal with over the length of a diabeticdecade.

Here's a response for a child confronted at school by a Hannah Montana educated student: 'You watch Hannah Montana?'

If my child was watching Hannah Montana, they would spend a week in a dungeon.

Whatever our personal feelings about Hannah Montana, lots of kids do watch it, and it seems an awful shame to make even more kids think diabetics can't have sugar. I strongly encourage people to watch the re-edited version Uptight (Oliver's Alright), because I was really impressed with the way Disney changed it. It went from being slapstick about a ridiculous disease to being a really accurate portrayal, that was still "funny" and "worth watching" (to anyone who thinks Hannah Montana is worth watching. I think this is one instance where Disney listened to the fans and gave them what they wanted.

I managed to track down both the original and newly edited version. I have to say while the old episode did not "offend" me, it was tasteless at times. Truthfully I was more annoyed with the Hypoglycemic event that occurred in Paul Blart Mall Cop, but that is another issue. Back to Hannah Montana, the new episode was pretty good, I mean they explained things a little better, not completely great, but it is more information that kids will remember. I wish life were that simple though. I mean Disney did simplify the disease, but I think they did a decent job.

yes before i got diagnosed two days ago