Anyone tried the PredictBGL App?

I’ve started using this for calculating my doses, and I’m pretty impressed!

I used a Medtronic pump for a year before giving it up (about 6 years ago), but have been looking for a replacement dose calculator, and this seems to go way beyond what I’ve seen before plus is easy to use (the initial setup was a bit tricky and had to be setup via the website).

Anyone else tried it?


I have not use the app nor do I think I will. The thing I love about my insulin pump is that it used the ACTUAL number from the glucose meter, plus the entered carbohydrates, and the current known insulin level to compute the proper bolus. Only place for human error in in the carb entry.

With this app there are too many places to make mistakes. The apps is only estimating how much insulin you have on board. Then you have to enter your current BG. You could potentially make a data entry error on all three of those.

The App is NOT estimating how much insulin you have on board.

Our App calculates insulin remaining WAY more accurately than your pump. Pumps uses hourly or half-hourly intervals for Insulin Remaining, based on predefined lookup tables corresponding to each active insulin time (3 hours, 3.5, 4, 4.5 etc). Our App calculates it algorithmically every single minute. Way more accurate.

Your meter error is +/- 15%, and carb counting CAN be +/- 20%.

Yes, with current technology, you do have to enter your current BG. But this is changing very rapidly.

Plus your ratios could be wrong.

With PredictBGL, every reading is reviewed against the predictions. The predictions use a personalised mathematical model, so it can pick up doses that were wrong and suggest changes.

Your pump doesn’t do that.

If you have a pump, you are unlikely to want PredictBGL. But the predictions do provide forward-looking CGMS-like blood sugar traces, which can be very useful.