Anyone try not using insulin?

Hey guys I was just diagnosed 3 months ago. I started out with 30 units of insulin and it was much to high and over the coarse of my first two months, I lowered my insulin all the way down to 1 unit in the morning and night. I exercise a ton and eat a very very low carb diet now so i can not do insulin. I have done no insulin for the past month and through strict dieting and lots of exercise. I have also been able to maintain a safe Blood glucose level where it is almost always between 80 and 150. I have had only a few instances where my blood sugar has been below 70 after very rigorous exercise, but i was still amazed it got that low with no insulin. it tends to get high more often but if it does i will just go for a bike ride or run. I would like to hear from anyone else who has done this or still does.

Im new to this but my drs. told me that this is expected if you are new to this and you might be going through what is known as the honeymoon phase where the remaining beta cells you have left are kicking in, and giving you the remaining insulin boost you need. If you have type 1, eventually these will burn out, could range i heard from 2 weeks-2 years. Just keep checking your sugar levels and then just enjoy it… hopefully you stay good for longer than not. Your body always needs insulin, whether you take in food or not to survive as that is the only way cells get energy into the cells.

I agree with @astrogurl

Insulin is used to get the sugar out of you blood, so I wouldn’t be surprised if eating a low carb low insulin diet would cause some fatigue, because low carbs also means a lack of energy income.
hope this helps!

I’ve had diabetes for 8 years. You probably are in the honeymoon phase currently, and the longer you have diabetes the more insulin you will most likely need. I exercise at least once a day, sometimes twice and eat a low card diet as well. Some days I don’t need that much insulin for the food I eat because I’m able to keep my blood sugars in the 70-120 range. However, I’m on the pump so I do have the basal all day long, which helps me regulate my levels. The important thing is to check your levels constantly to make sure that you don’t go to high without the insulin.

Diet and exercise isn’t a treatment for type 1 diabetes, only for type 2 where people make insulin but their bodies don’t use it well. I’m guessing you’re in the honeymoon phase. Keep doing what you’re doing. Some doctors think that if you eat low carb when you’re first diagnosed that you can retain some of your islet cell’s insulin production.

Know too that if things start to change it doesn’t mean you’ve failed. Your blood sugar is affected by the carbs you eat and also the glucose your liver releases. That’s something you can’t control. Your muscles also have stored energy called glycogen that is turned into glucose when you work out really hard. Insulin is a required hormone that you need to survive. Your body is making right now, if it wasn’t you wouldn’t be alive. If it stops making sufficient amounts, it doesn’t mean you are bad, just that your islet cells have stopped working right.

A cool thing to know is that in the Joslin study on people who’ve had type 1 diabetes for 50+ years, many with no complications, a good percentage still make some insulin. So a lot of us may be getting some help from our bodies along with the insulin we inject.

We have diagnosed in 13 May 2014. Firstly we used insulin injectiions,but our blood glucose levels is become lower than normal.Then our doctor stopped insulin injectiions.Nearly two months we doesn’t use any drugs.We are in honeymoon period.We also use low carbon diet to make the honeymoon period long.