Anyone Using iPhone app for tracking data?

Is anyone using an iPhone/iTouch/iPad app for tracking their D data?  I've seen reviews of several apps online that seem to handle all the info I would want to, and most of them download onto your computer for creating reports, etc.  But, I'm not sure how "usable" any of these apps are, and how flexible the reports can be.

Any input/advice/experience/recommendations with any particular apps?



Mom to William (9) dx 5/13/09

I used/use what is called Glucose Buddy. I like it because it does graphing of your blood sugars...makes me really see the big pictures. I have it as an app on my Ipod Touch. I wish i used it more. You do have to set up an account, but don't worry it's free and you can also pull it up online  you can check it out at if you would like. I know you can enter other things like exercise medication and food as well. Hope it helps you