Anyone using Quickset Insfusion Sets

Okay so I have noticed this last shipment of infusion sets (Quikset) that I have gotten are different from before.  I know they changed the packaging but say everything else is the same, However, I have noticed that the tape does NOT stick as well.  Before, even after 3 days, I would have to rip the tape off.  Now, the tape is coming off after the first day or so and it is almost falling out.  I have put extra tape on and it helps a little but I just wanted to see if anyone else had noticed a difference. 

I use alcohol rubs and then skin prep to keep my sites on when my sites stopped staying in for 3days. so far it's helped.

the packaging for mine has been different for a while.. I did notice the tape being a little less sticky, but I also use a skin tac prior to insertion so i dont notice it much and it lasts the 3 days.

For the inset 30s that I use I got a note along with it that said the adhesive has changed to make it "better" which I actually haven't even opened a new box of insets yet. But maybe they changed the adhesive on more than just the ones I used. Maybe call and ask someone if it has changed?

ive noticed that too. i cant use adhesive tape cause my skin is so sensitive.

the sticky substance on the tape doesnt stick as well. the older sites would stick to my skin better than the new ones!

the tape starts to come off on hte second day for me. if somebody pulls on my tubing my sites comes out right away. i think minimed had downgraded and bought a cheaper adhesive substance. mainly because of the economy, but i also thinks its because of everybody switching pump companies and minimed is losing money