Anyone wanna be in an insta gc (teens 15-17 only)

so i’m vee and I’m 15 about to be 16 with t1d. I haven’t really met any other diabetics ive been able to connect with and I want more diabetic friends soooo if you’re interested pm me with ur insta or something

@headfirstforhalos , Hi Vee, and welcome to the JDRF TypeOneNation Forum!

I’m not an insta person, and i haven’t boon 15 - 17 well over 6 decades, but I do have a couple of suggestions for finding other people diagnosed with T1D.

  • Contact your local JDRF Chapter, Resource tab at the top of this page, then JDRF Near Me. The chapter near me has subchapters for both teens and young adults.
  • Also at the top of this page is Events tab. Find something “diabetes related” right near you.
  • And, most important say something here about yourself. Like, go back to your sign-up and complete your Profile. Before chatting with anyone, I look to see if the requester might possibly be an interesting person - and interested in something to which I can relate.

Good Luck!

Hi, Vee @headfirstforhalos, and welcome to the Forum! I’m tagging Abby @bookwormnerd13, Clara @claraanne, Haley @haley4, Lacyn @Lacynjo27, and Jasmine @jasmine.tijerina15, who all posted recently that they were looking for other teens with T1D. Here’s the thread:

Hope you all connect!

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Hey Clara I’m a teen and I have had diabetes my whole life if you want to chat I can!