Anyone watch the show "Intervention?"

I guess tomorrow night (Monday, January 5th) there will be an episode about a guy with Type 1 that has totally given up taking care of himself.  His family gets involved to try and help him.

I have never watched the show as it always looks so depressing, but I thought it might be a good one to watch.  I'm Tivo'ing it so I can watch it another time, but thought I might mention it here as well.  It's on A&E and starts at 9 pm.

I don't get A&E through the week (I work away from home) but would love to know how this turned out.

My sister-in-law's T1 brother (that is, the brother of the girl my brother married) had a real rough decade and is now paying a significant toll for the neglect of care.  It is amazing the contrast that can exist between two people living with the disease when one takes care and the other doesn't.

Please let us know if the programme was good!


just watched it... interesting, glad to see it worked out, but... seemed a bit phony/fake/hollywoodized... i don't know...

oh i'll have to watch that on my dvr tomorrow i forgot about that.