Anyone with a toddler?

My son Noah is 22 months old and was just diagnosed on Wednesday.  I was wondering if anyone out there has a toddler that has been diagnosed recently and how things are going? 

Hi, Sorry to hear about Noah.  Our little guy, Ashton was diagnosed at 20 months old - he is now almost six.  You will have lots and lots of questions, but please know that it will all come together. I would be glad to answer what I can or share tips, etc.  Take care and hope Noah is doing well.

Hi, I too am so sorry to hear about your son.  My daughter was 15 mo when she was dx and is now 6.  The first 3 months after diagnosis were hell.  I cried and cried!!!!  I was just sick and literally pissed off at God for doing this to my poor baby.  I went through it all!!!!  The one thing I can tell you is that Eva is the strongest person I know and she handles being diabetic like a champion.  It did take like I said about 3 months to get adjusted and feel comfortable with our new lifestyle.  After that period it was really life as normal.  Today you would never know Eva is diabetic.  We don't hide it by any means, I just mean that she's a happy, healthy 6 yr old.  I would welcome any questions you might have.  Even if you need to call me I'm here for ya!!!!  I talked with a couple other moms right after Eva's dx and it really helped just to assure me I wasn't alone and it would get better.  :)  I wish happiness for your son and hope you're doing ok too

You may want to check out Laura's blog.  Her son was dx when he was a toddler.  You can read his dx story, see how he is doing now, and contact Laura through the site:  She is a very nice lady, and I've found all of the D-mom bloggers I've come across to be very supportive and willing to answer questions.



Thank you everyone for your responses.  It really helps knowing I'm not alone.  I have been going through the piles of books and information packets given to us at the hospital and doing research online.  I'm not sure it has helped, or made me more scared.  Today is a panic day I think.  Noah fell and broke his arm last week, and has his 2 year molars coming in, so his sugars have been through the roof, and I'm terrified of him having permenant damage!  How do you deal with the constant fear?  I look at my baby and just want him to be okay...

I know it's tough right now, but don't panic.  You're going to have highs...there's just no way around that...but what is most important is *overall* BG control.  The complications from diabetes are generally caused by long-term high and poorly controlled BG, and your quarterly A1c test is going to give you a much better idea of how you are doing than the daily roller coaster you are on now.  In addition to the challenges of managing BG in a toddler, he's also still in honeymoon phase which can make BG management tricky as well.  You're doing great, even if you don't feel that way.  It's going to get better.  Remember that toddlers and kids are resilient, and short periods of whacky BG's are not likely to cause any permanent damage.  Our son was dx over two years ago, we went through a similar period of scary highs, and he's still perfectly healthy today.  You may want to give yourself a bit of a break from the reading and research (it can get you tied up in knots), and just spend some time enjoying your son for a while.  Hang in there!



I'm sorry Noah and your family are having to deal with this.  It will be okay and at some point won't be so overwhelming.

This is an amazing time in history for anyone with diabetes.  Thanks to glucose meters, carb counting, and insulin pumps it's so much easier to deal with the disease.  Some of the things that used to kill diabetics, like diabetic comas, are virtually nonexistent.  Complications like kidney disease and eye disease are being prevented and cured thanks to new treatments.  

This link has information on the Joslin 50-Year Medalist research study that is proof that diabetes doesn't guarantee bad health.

I've had type 1 for 34 years (diagnosed when I was 4) and had several years of dealing with diabetes before glucose meters existed and several decades before getting a pump.  Despit that and awful control as a teenager, I have no complications and have my own non-diabetic child.  I have a great husband, busy job, and have never had diabetes keep me from doing something I've wanted.  

Your son is going to have a full, healthy, good life.  It's just going to be a little different.  While I wouldn't wish this disease on anyone, I do think it's brought good things into my life.  It's made me more compassionate, made me a better communicator, and made me freakishly good at math after all the years of carb counting and insulin corrections.  =)   You'll find a way to make diabetes fit into your lives too.  

Take care and let us know what questions or challenges come up.  -Jenna

My 3 year old was just diagnosed Sept.19, 2011!  

My son Jack just turned 2 on September 3rd and was diagnosed a couple weeks later on September 27th.  It's only been a  couple weeks and it is so overwhelming but to know we aren't alone is comforting :)

My son was just 1 week shy of turning 22 months when he was diagnosed. Halloween did not go as planned this year as we spent the day in the PICU. We've been home about 2 weeks now but it is nice to know there are others with children the same age who are going through the same thing and we're all here to help each other.