Apology for this Re-Introduction

Hi everyone,

I apologize for having to re-introduce myself.  I have not been on here for a long while (again) and I know there are a lot of new members.  I love this site and enjoy the support of this community.  I will try to get on as often as I can, however, the past couple of years have been extremely difficult for me.  At the end of 2009, my dad was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer and is still fighting it to this day.  He's undergone chemo & radiation therapy and 2 surgeries, and has suffered a fungal infection (which he is still recovering from).  So, that is one of my reasons for being absent on here.  I have gone back and forth to visit him during all of these trials.  

Another reason for my absence is that I am now 18 wks pregnant in my first pregnancy and it has been a full time job between controlling my diabetes and focusing on the pregnancy.  I have finally found the perfect OB/endo team.  I don't even need a perinatologist because the OB I found is also an endo so he's a 2-fer!  Within his team, he has a Certified Diabetes Educator, a Nurse Practicioner w/a certification in Diabetes Education, and a Registered Nurse also w/a certification in Diabetes Education.  So, I think I'm on the right track now and in good hands.  :o)

Again, I'm sorry for not being here for you all in awhile, but I hope I'll be of some help and support whenever I can.

xoxo - Dy