APP trials

Hi everyone,

Just curious if any of you have been involved in any APP trials?  I just joined a Phase I trial taking place at the University of Virginia and am very excited to help with the development of this technology.  I was able to hear about a previous trial participant's experience at a Research Update hosted by the JDRF Capitol Chapter earlier this year.



Yup, my daughter did it in June then again in August. Are you are talking about the 2 day hospital stay where they first do a control study and follow it up with the closed loop? If so, it was awesome for her to not have to check her BG at all the second stay.  Every time her BG went up, the closed loop told the pump to increase the was really cool. The second day of the closed loop portion is  when they tested the impact of exercise on BG.

As I understand it, this is Phase 1 of the next trial which will end in an outpatient study.  I will just be supplying them with CGM and insulin pump data for 8 weeks and they will use the information to fine tune the algorhythms used by the closed loop system (to account for eating and exercising outside of the strucutred time frame used in the lab). 

Glad that your daughter enjoyed her experience!