Apparently diabetes describes me >:(

if you ask my parents to describe there 3 kids they would say well the oldest (my brother) is a good artiest, the youngest (my sister) is cute, the middle (me) she has diabetes poor her!!!!  i hate it my mom posts all this stuff on her wall like my daughter has diabetes and she has to have needles and the pump injector thingy hurts a lot  and things like that. and both my mom and dad when i meet there friends its like "oh this is the one with diabetes" or "nice to meet you" then someone blurts "she has diabetes" then they always say "OMG REALLY". once at my cousins house i had a 33.3 for a blood sugar and my dad made a big thing about it and now i said to my cousin "maybe we can have a sleepover at your house this time" and she said "if my mom lets you, she probably wont  because of what happened last time" im just really sick of it !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DON'T WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW I HAVE DIABETES. I WASH THIS WOULD ALL GO AWAY. the only nice thing i have herd since i got diagnosed was, i was upset about diabetes and telling my friend about why i was upset that people were saying i was different now and she said "YOU ARE NOT ANY DIFFERENT THAN LAST YEAR AND PEOPLE SHOULD STOP BOTHERING YOU  YOU ARE THE BEST FRIEND I HAVE EVER HAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i smiled and gave her a hug :) IF ONLY people thought like her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trust me. It only gets better from here. As far as your parents are concerned, maybe you should tell them how you feel.

I'm sorry. I've been described as "diabetic" or "the one with diabetes" and it TOTALLY ROTS. But look at it this way: diabetes does, in some respects, give you a challenge that sort of makes you special. Like, I don't know, being psychic or being adopted or something that might seem weird but makes you YOU - but is in NO WAY the most crucial aspect of your being.

Having diabetes is not fair period.  It is worse when that is what "becomes" you.  The first struggle is not seeing yourself as a diabetic.  The second struggle is not letting others see you as such; and if they do, not let it affect you.  I know it is more difficult coming from someone so close like your mom.  But you have to stay strong.  Find a good support system like friends and other people here who are not just diabetics, but people with similar perspectives!  

And like those above have suggested, let them know how you feel.  Impose your perspective on them.  You are no different except you can't drink regular soda :)

Exactly, I know exactly how you feel. Everyone knows me as the one with a "sickness" , I mean like I have a personality to you know. It's just really annoying sometimes.

As for when you first meet people and someone blurts out that you have diabetes...beat them to the punch! Say something like "Hi, my parents are about to tell you I have diabetes. But I'm also really good at (fill int he blank)" Maybe it'll help you parents (and others) realize that while you have this disease, it is not the only interesting fact about you. You are you, and that's pretty darn awesome!

#1 rebekah321 is my fav right now and #2 they always say that crap about me about how im “special” and the last one that told me that “oh he has diabetes” I said “yah and you must have obviously no life and you must have to talk about mine in which you need to check your face because I think your nose is in my business”. Of course it was a smart ellic at my school not a adult. anyway just hang in there!!!

I went to diabetes camp when I was ten and eleven. We went on a rafting trip through the Delaware River one day. There’s four campers and a counselor in the raft. We float past a lot of people not associated with the camp. They wave, we wave back, and every time our counselor shouts, “We have diabetes!” It was mortifying.

Here’s the thing though: we do have diabetes. And it stinks. There’s no getting around that. But you’re still you, and that doesn’t change, no matter how many people know you’re diabetic. In retrospect, I’m really glad that counselor told those strangers we were diabetic. We don’t need to be ashamed.

You can’t make people think like your friend does. But you can think that way about yourself.

Hope you’re feeling better,

Ps. I realize now how old this forum is, but its all still relevant.