I just want to throw out there that I really appreciate the support of this group.  As the mom of a child with T1, I especially appreciate the perspective of folks who have lived with T1 for a while.  Input from parents of children with T1 is...well...different than input from people who have been children with T1.  Parents have different concerns for their kids, and I think that sometimes our concerns for our kids can overshadow what THEY really NEED.  I really want our son to be a KID with T1, and hearing from those who are living it is invaluable to me in seeing him as a KID, and not as a diabetic.  Ya know?

Anyway, thanks for all you guys do.  And, my apologies if I get overly enthusiastic about posting questions.  I think I've got the "official" care and feeding down.  Now, I want to get the "unofficial" side of things :)




There is a real gift in this site that I think a lot of us have found.  For many of us, Juvenation is a great place to get and offer caring and supprt.  Getting help from others who understand and have slightly different perspectives is fantastic and helping those with whom we can connect is quite healing.  It is a beautiful synergy and it is an awful lot of fun to be here!

It looks to me like you are off to a wonderful start and I am grateful for all you have brought to this site and look forward to more of your posts!