Apps for Diabetes

I'm trying to find a good carb counter app that I can get on my phone but can't seem to find a decent one. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Also, I've been using "OnTrack" its a decent app that helps me keep a good log and its pretty comprehensive and simple to use.

Let me know!


Hi Patrick,

I use OnTrack too.  I also use eDietician and  CarbDatabase.  They aren't carb counters, but both allow you to search foods and find their nutrients or amount of carbs.  They're not the best, but between the 2, they are helpful most of the times.

But, if you come across any other helpful apps yourself, please do share as I am always looking for good ones to make managing diabetes more convenient.  I have an Android phone.

I've been using LiveStrong, it's made for exercise/weightloss, but the food database is the most comprehensive I've found. It was the only one (I have a few) that had the carbs for a Costco pumpkin pie listed!

I too use LiveStrong, on my iPhone, and through thier website.  Its free.

I havent tried many others but the food database is very comprehensive and users can even add foods to it (probably why its so full of everything!).  The site also lets your create your own meals and reciepes so it makes counting carbs and calories pretty easy.   Although still time consuming I've found it to be very helpful.

Now if only I could just take a picture of food and the app would break down its components for me, that would be the utimate!! :)

-- Jason

My only caution with LiveStrong is to take the info with a grain of salt and exercise critical thinking before dosing. As it does allow people to add, it's far more comprehensive than other sites/applications, but it also has more room for error. I use it as a guide, but if the carbs on something I look up seem out of whack, I'll keep looking. Often I look at 2-3 different entries for something like "Mexican rice" and sort of take an average.

Still, it's my favorite and I use it every single day...


I 100% agree.   There are food items in the list that are marked 'verified', but for the majority of ones that aren't verified, I too will take more than one listing and make a decision as to what makes sense.

-- Jason

I don't think the Android market has LiveStrong yet.  I couldn't find it anyway.  But, I did find a new app in the Android market called HelpDiabetes.  It's pretty simple to use and there is an extensive list of foods you can look up.  When you find the food you are looking for, it gives you the amount of grams of carbs for a serving size of 100 grams.  Then if you choose the amount of grams you will consume, it'll calculate the amount of grams of carbs for you.

I love love love my OnTrack application, it has made me managing my sugars much easier and the fact that it gives an estimate for A1C is nice as well as the daily, weekly and monthly averages. I'm downloading the HelpDiabetes one now.  I keep my Calorie King in my purse for carb counts when I need it (usually I can glance at the food and make a correct estimate...usually). 

I don't have a good app for carb counting, but I use WaveSense as a log. It gives you a comprehensive average for 90, 30, 14, and 7 days and also has a trend chart and the ability to email your logbook (I email it to my endo). I personally find it very helpful!