April Fool's Jokes?

I know it's a little late in the day, but does anyone have any ideas for a good April Fool's joke?  Maybe you fell victim to one yourselves today??

one of my friends convinced all of my friends and me that she would be going to a different school next year. but... oh this one might be a good joke for anyone who has diabetes. you tell one of your friends that you think they have diabetes so you test their blood sugar and tell them that they have diabetes. but then within minutes youd have to tell them it was an aprils fools. thats all i can think of

yeah, im not that good at april fools jokes. i tried telling one of my friends something and she didnt believe it. that was a couple years ago. ever since ive given up on aprils fools

This is all that i ended up doing yesterday:  My company has a new performance evaluation process.  My boss and I were emailing back and forth, discussing the new forms.  I told her (emailed her) not to worry too much about mine, since I was "officially announcing that my last day of work will be June 30th" anyway...  Apparently, according to her, she almost passed out!  I guess that means I'm a valuable employee!  Good to know!

Actually, one of my friend's friends pretended she had diabetes on April Fool's Day.  My friend, another friend, and I were really annoyed at her though because we all have to deal with it and she was making it into a joke.

I agree, that was pretty "foolish" of her!

Hi Laura. I have Hashimotos aswell though i was diagnosed with it two weeks before i was diagnoesd as a type 1. I havent noticed if my meds affect my b.s. or my waight at all but ive always been a small girl.

My son was diagnosed with Type one on thanksgiving of 2009 and then Graves on thanksgiving of 2010.  Now that he is on medication to control the hyperrthyroid we are seeing a need for more insulin....and higher numbers overall.  His weight has always been on the low side - now starting to gain a bit of ground but not by any huge amount.

Hi Laura!

I also have Hypothyroidism, on top of type 1. You're right that auto-immune disease have a propensity to come in two's or three's, though that's not the case for everyone. My hypothyroidism went undiagnosed for a long time (I've blogged about it here, if you want to read). I don't think it is the medication that affects weight, but the thyroid itself, as it's one of the glands that helps to control metabolism. My A1C's were so high before I got the thyroid diagnosis that it's hard to tell if the medication had anything to do with changing it, or if that was just me feeling better and working harder.


Thank you so much for responding! Your blog post about this is sooo similar to my own situation. Nice to know there are others out there experiencing similar things in life. I'm hoping the medication helps bring me back to my own normal, something that's disappeared for about a year now.


I have hypothyroid as well. I believe that if untreated, hypothyroid will lead to weight gain. Much like hyperthyroid will cause weight loss. If you take synthroid or some generic version of it, your weight should be fine and any gain/loss is more to your exercise/diet habits.


I have hypothyroid too. Got it when I was about 12 but I got diagnosed with the D when I was 3. A nurse of mine once said that things like this come in 3s...I'm waiting for my 3rd autoimmune disease :)

I actually asked my endo about this yesterday b/c my primary care dr. called me and said some of my thyroid lab values were funky and need rechecked.

He said 1 in 5 people with diabetes get hyper or hypothyroidism, but the severity of it really fluctuates from person to person and most don't need intervention.

Who knows, I might be joining the thyroid/T1D club.

[quote user="Ideen"]

Who knows, I might be joining the thyroid/T1D club.


i have had diabetes type 1 since 1977 and hypothyroidism, I have seen no side effects with the two.  I currently take Synthroid

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism about a month or so after type 1 and started taking Synthroid also. About a year or so later I was told that I could stop taking the Synthroid since my thyroid levels were fine and I have never taken it since then (that was about 5 years ago). I never had any side effects from taking the medication though....

I love this picture!

Thanks everybody for being so helpful! I feel a little more at ease about taking the meds I was prescribed-Levothyroxine.

Yeah i have hypothyroidism. I take one pill of Synthroid every morning and thats kept my thyroid levels fine. I know it doesn't affect my blood sugar at all, but it may affect my weight. I kind of have trouble gaining weight, but im not sure if it is related to my thyroid or not.

I have Hashimoto's as well, but currently not on any medications as my thyroid is still managing to keep the numbers in the normal ranges (albeit on the low end).  I also have psoriasis, an autoimmune skin disease.  I never was told that autoimmune diseases ran in 3s, I feel better knowing I'm not the only one out there who's body apparently thinks itself is the enemy lol.  Yet if someone is sick in the office I catch it quicker and it takes me 3 times longer than anyone else to get over it...weird.