Are the CGMS systems really worth it?

Just wondering what opinions people are, I have a medtronic 511 and have been thinking of upgrading to the new version with the CGMS but am not sure whether having to insert another needle is worth it seeing as it costs twice as much as my first pump did. Also I have heard that the monitors only last about a year, anyone know if that is right?

I'm still trying to weigh it up! I had a CGMS about a year lasted me 6 months but I had the best glycemic management EVER during that time (I was told it's under warranty for 6 months but may last up to a year). I haven't continued with it given the cost, but do find myself rethinking the option rather regularly.


I am in the process of upgrading my pump and really want to try using the CGMS but my doctor said that I might as well forget it because my insurance won't cover it. I'm going to try and put it through my insurance anyway. I need to know what my BG levels are all the time. Lately I've been doing alot of fingersticks and I mean ALOT. My poor fingers hurt! LOL Wish me luck on getting one!


yeah my insurance covered my first one, but I think it was a one time deal. It is very tempting to try though, no sore fingers, no extra equipment to carry around, and I am a techno junkie. lol

The CGMS can be worth it. However, you need to do your research and know what you are getting into. I mean, the extra needle does not bother me, as it it once every few days, not like a constant in and out of needles. Most days, I am not aware of the extra attachment for the sensor. While you may have less testing, it does not eliminate testing.

One thing to note though is that while I am using the minimed systema dn love and swear by it. The system is not flawless, there are reading delays of up to about 20 minutes. Accuracy is not always there. The sensor for me is another warning. I know that I have am unaware of my lows at times, so this is just a help, but still you cannot become reliant upon the readings. Plus with testing you still need to calibrate should always confirm a reading that is HIGH or LOW as you do not want to correct for a high if you are not high, etc.

I haven't tried it yet.  I contacted Minimed about CGMS, but was advised to hold off due to insurance.   I hear they are still fighting that to get it covered.  Love being on the pump and would never get off it.