Are there any Animas Ping users here from California?

Hi everyone,

I am done with medtronic, and am more than likely going to go with the Animas Ping when I switch pumps next month.

I wanted to know if the tubing for the Animas Ping contains ethylene oxide, like the tubing for medtronic does. I ask users from California because I know that they are notified in print when receiving any medical device that contain ethylene oxide, and I am unsure of the laws elsewhere. So if you use the ping and happen to know I would appreciate the info.

Hey Shauna,  I have a friend who works for Animas--I just sent him a note asking about the ethyline oxide issue.  Will let you know what he says.  I'm with you--I prefer my insulin straight up!  No mixers

Thank you so much Lori! We called Animas yesterday, and they had no clue what I was talking about. Ha ha.   They said they would have some one get back to me. So hopefully the person you know, and /or the person I spoke to, will have an answer soon :)

Thanks again for all your help!