Are there any type 1's in new jersey besides my 5 yr old son?

this has been a burning question since last yr when my son was dxg.  he just started kindergarten and his school was like larry moe and curly...never had a diabetic.  how can that be?  We are desperate to network with other parents...we feel like X-Men looking for our own kind!  LOL

it's possible.  I was the only diabetic in both my junior high and high school.  I went ~27 years without ever meeting another diabetic.  It can be tough though because the Nurse (do they even have a school nurse anymaore?) is going to need a little help - and that means your involvement.

anyway, I grew up in NJ and still live here.  cheers!

i was the only one in my whole district while i lived there in 2001-2003ish

Wow.  I guess because its so real to me it never occurred to me how relatively rare it is.  For fundraising we necessarily keep trying to get the msg out that ther are so many million Type 1's out there that need help but in truth what is it?  95%of diabetics are type 2!



Still...glad I met you both.  At least there are 2 of us IN New Jersey and 1 who used to be!  LOL.

I went to diabetic summer camp back in the 80's with a girl from Manalapan, NJ. lol.

I'm sure there are other kids with diabetes in New Jersey/near where you live, though obviously not at your son's school!  Maybe you could talk to your endo and ask if he/she has other patients you could meet.  Also, when I was in kindergarten I was the only diabetic at my school but a year later my soon to be best friend was diagnosed, so it's possible other kids in your area will be diagnosed, too. 

Hey, I'm a type 1 diabetic as is my husband and we live in Northern New Jersey.  I'm amazed that the school has never had a diabetic before. 

Don't worry there are other type 1's out there. Maybe not at this school but your son is still young. I am sure as he progresses along in school you will find others out there. One thing to do is maybe ask the endo about parent groups or something maybe a local hospital runs. That would make things a little easier on you for meeting other parents

yes, i live in morris county, but i do share your frustration a little bit. i've been trying to meet other type 1's for awhile now, but they do seem pretty scarce. i've been to alot of support groups over the years, but the vast majority of those attending are type 2's. a really different disease, in my opinion. love to actually meet, hang out with other type 1's, but it has been difficult for me. anyway, good luck. i wish you the best. thanks for listening. take care. bye-bye


what part of nj are you from?

Ok, so I guess there are about 6 type Is in NJ.   ;) 

I was also the only type 1 in my schools until college.

I would say try Camp Nejeda (I think that's how they spell it).  You're son may be a bit young to go- but it's a summer camp for diabetic kids.  My parents sent me there when I was first diagnosed and it was great feeling "normal" around other kids my age.

There's also Clara Barton (which may only be for girls, but I think they have an affiliated camp that is co-ed).

Hope this helps.  And thanks for posting it- I was hoping to connect with other Type Is in the Garden State!

Anyone doing any of the JDRF walks this month?  And more importantly- anyone dressing up in costume for the walks?  :)

Also, when your son is old enough (7) he can go to camp nejeda. its a great way to meet people in your area. i met someone who lived up the street form me after i went there

I am from Hamburg, NJ. Currently in Boonton, NJ.

[quote user="Michelle"]

.There's also Clara Barton (which may only be for girls, but I think they have an affiliated camp that is co-ed).


Yeah, Clara Barton is only for girls (it's a great camp) but down the road a little bit is Camp Joslin, which is only a boys camp. 

Brian, is that anywhere near Sparta/Lake Mohawk?  I feel like I've been through Hamburg before to get there...


Boonton is off of 287 right past route 80.

Hamburg is off of 517 or 94. But yes it is near Sparta/Lake Mohawk. My "house" is right by Mountain Creek, twenty minutes from Sparta. I used to work in Sparta though.

camp nejeda is kinda near sparta. its in stillwater. i live in bergen county near new york and it takes me and hour and a half to get there. its a co-ed camp its a great place but the entering age is 7

i was diagnosed at 7 and went to nejeda when i was 8.... that was forever ago!  i remember food education, the cafeteria, miss mary mack, and my counselor kay... i was super homesick and she got me through the week.

Kay, if you're out there some where...thank you!

im from new jersey nd i have type 1 ive been 1 since may 5 2010

We're from Jersey!! My 12 year old son was dx'd with T1 5/21/11. Where in NJ are you? We're in southern NJ. Gloucester County. Interestingly,  in our teeny little town there are at least 2 other kids that we are aware of with T1.