Are type2 parents welcome here?

My husband is a type2 parent,with a type1 daughter-I do not feel he is welcome.

I think you are taking the way we critisize T2 the wrong way...i don't see why the parent of T1 is not allowed here even if he has t2...its just you can't compare T2 with T1..and i hate that but a T2 father that has a T1 daughter would be cool cause he is educated about both and he can tell other T2 the difference!! im not sure if all that made sense but yea...he should be welcomed

What?!?  I've personally found this group to be one of the most open, supportive, understanding groups I've ever had the privilege of associating with.  I'm not T1, but am a parent of a child with T1, and have felt completely welcomed and supported here.  Is there anything in particular that has led you to feel that a T2 parent of a T1 child would not be equally welcomed?



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I think you are taking the way we critisize T2 the wrong way...i don't see why the parent of T1 is not allowed here even if he has t2...its just you can't compare T2 with T1..and i hate that but a T2 father that has a T1 daughter would be cool cause he is educated about both and he can tell other T2 the difference!! im not sure if all that made sense but yea...he should be welcomed


Yeah, what Isaac said :) 

As individuals with T1, and parents of kids with T1, I think we may risk being hyper-focused on T1, and trying to bring more awareness to the public front of the difference between T1 and T2.  But I feel we can all, always, benefit from a different perspective.  I probably have some misperceptions about T2 that could be correct from first-hand correspondence with someone who has it, particularly from the perspective of a T2 parent who is caring for a T1 child. 

I hope that NO parent of a child with T1 will EVER feel hesitant to join Juvenation, for any reason.



I don't want to speak for Meme here but I believe what she is refering to is the general stereotypes that a lot of us have about T2's.   There have been comments made about T2's not taking care of themselves or just being overweight and giving T1's a bad rap.  I know that I've been one of those people - not on here but in making a point to someone.  I want to believe that I have matured enough to realize that generalizations hurt.  There are T2's that don't take care of themselves and are overweight - but then there are plenty of T1's like that.  Or go further and say well if a T1 has control issues, he/she needs to eat better and adjust insulin or what have you and they'd be fine.  It's a bad assumption.  There are many instances where other factors impare our ability to stay 'in control'.  All of us are different and we all have different ways of managing our diabetes - none are more right than the other.  What we have to realize is many of us have raw feelings, whether your a parent, sibling or the one with diabetes.  We have not had the forum to get out our frustrations or feelings.  Now we do and if the respect isn't there when we reply in a post, we run the risk of offending someone.    I would bet that there are a lot of T2's that get frustrated with other T2's for the same reasons we do.  My guess is that Meme doesn't want to subject her husband to unthoughful posts and read one that upset her.

Meme - you should have your husband out here.  He would be welcomed and maybe he could help us understand what goes through a T2's mind as well as how he deals with a T1 daughter.  I'm sure I would be educated by it! 

he is definatly welcome! theres all these misunderstandings and misinformation and confusion about type 1 to outsiders, but maybe its the same tthing with type 2?

I would defiantly like to like to lend a welcoming hand! He is a father a of a type 1.

I think most of the frustration is that many different diseases share the same name. Research over the past few years has show that although we have much in common the diseases still should be looked at as very different occurrences. There are MODY, type 1, type 2,  Gestational diabetes. Also under the same name as diabetes is Diabetes Insipidus, which has 4 different categories within! Clearly outdated, the word "diabetes" dates back to the 15th century meaning "any of various abnormal conditions characterized by the secretion and excretion of excessive amounts of urine "( Sure, that is what happens, and then the child quickly dies and the adult afflicted may live a bit longer. Well... not any more, but that is how outdated and unnecessary the name for our conditions are, type 1 and type 2.

We feel hurt by words, marginalized, and unheard of. Type 2s make up 95% of the diabetes mellitus, type 1s 5%. We don't feel that we are understood, Personally, I don't think that the vast majority of people understand that I will die if I go without insulin in about 2 days. That I can't be controlled with "diet and exercise." This is what hurts.

Meme, you are a WONDERFUL addition to our website and I am positive that your husband will be too. If he is half the member and contributer that you are then he will have 190 posts in no time! Please have him join us and be our type 2 ambassador, we need positive roll models!

I thank you all,very kind,Juvenators are the best !

I think everyone should be welcomed regardless!!  Even people who are not directly affected by diabetes, we need to educate everyone that will listen and spread awareness!!


Doug D, you make some good points.  I am definitely frustrated with my T2 MIL, and I know that frustration probably leaks out on this forum from time to time.  Right now, she is the only role model my son has for a person living with diabetes, and she is a terrible model.  She does not take care of herself, she does not manage her diet, exercise, test and dose appropriately.  She doesn't report her numbers to her team as she is supposed to, and does not see her doctor as often as she is supposed.  Even after she announced to our son that they were in a "special club" because they both had diabetes, and their "club badge" is their medical ID, she still doesn't wear hers when she comes over to visit.  Ugh!

So, I'm just going on record as saying that, yes, I have some frustration around T2 on a personal level, and it does effect my perception of many people with T2.  I will definitely work on my diplomacy in the future, because I think having a "T2 ambassador" on Juvenation would be very valuable.  And EVERYONE who has been effected by T1 should feel welcome here.

Meme, please bring hubby on over!  I promise I'll behave :)



Perhaps we stereotype too much. But heck! The more the merrier, Meme, I'd love to have him on here! He is more than welcome! And, maybe we just don't have a lot to go off of. It's just like how others have misinformation about T1's, maybe we have misinformation about T2's. He could teach us like we've taught others?

we'd be happy to have him. he's been through both worlds and can provide us with more help and information. i hope he decides to join.

Honestly I think we should all make an effort to lighten up on type 2's. We are pretty quick to assume and judge just because some may have done so toward us, general stereotypes, etc. Anyone agree?

Meme ... I think I've mentioned this on here before, but it feels like a good time to say it again. When I've expressed frustrations here and elsewhere, it's about society's perception that I brought D on myself by not eating well, not exercising, etc. While, that's related to T2, it's not against T2's. It's a problem in our society, the media, etc. In fact, I don't think that many T1's understand that T2's have greater insulin resistance than T1's, so it may not be as easy to bring down high sugars.

Anyways, he should certainly come on!! Maybe he'll keep us in line. (: But, I will still want to complain about people who tell me I ate too much sugar and caused this. ha, ha.