Are you a part of the 5%? version 2. tottaly different from version 1

if the Cullens were on the top of a skyscraper, about to jump off. what would you do?

A. cry and plead them not to do it.

B. call an ambulance. you must be crazy, the Cullens dont exist!

C. yell:"DO A FLIP!"

what would your reaction be? sorry, i have no 5% statistic, i made this one up myself.

who are the cullens?

from twilight.


i'd tell them to jump. they can't die anyway.

[quote user="C"]i'd tell them to jump. they can't die anyway[/quote]


dang it! you figured out it was a trick question! i thought that maybe, if you were one of those people who are insanely obsessed with twilight you would think no!!!!

I'd say Do some tricks! I would so definatly watch and tell them to jump. I mean they can't die or hurt themselves. That would be so awesome to be like them.

i am definitely NOT obsessed with twilight. i read the books. they were okay. the movie was the biggest turd ever to hit the big screen. and i have no plans to read the books again. and do i really need to tell you that rob pattinson looks like a foot?


I read the books again last week. Before I saw the movie. I had to. I really enjoyed the books. I would be quite tempted to want to live forever though. The idea of being able to do so much would be awesome. And heck who ever heard of a diabetic vampire!!!! Go ahead C. Make your comments.

Brian you are awesome! I saw Twilight, then read all 4 books, then saw the movie again. My husband bought it for me for our anniversary. :)

I'm tempted to read New Moon again before I see it. From the previews it seems to stick very close to the novel.

I like being able to see what everyone is up to, opposed to just Bella in the books. BTW, I don't think Kristen Stewart does Bella justice! Robert Pattinson is perfect as Edward!

there's no need for me to make any more comments. i made my statements :o) you are free to enjoy whatever you like. i'm not exactly one to talk as i'm in love with harry potter and frodo baggins :op

I am glad you admit it. I mean chasing after a 14 year old boy. But hey to share my inner nerdliness. Harry Potter and I share the same Birthday, and in the time frame of the books he and I are a year apart in age. I think he is older than me.

dude, harry potter is totally legal in the last book. thank you very much.

[quote user="C"]

dude, harry potter is totally legal in the last book. thank you very much.


depends what state you're in :P


also, didn't we have a similar thread to this regarding the Jonas Brothers or something? I think the general concensus was "JUMP! JUMP NOW!"

A combination of B and C. Ha ha