Are You a Pump or Shots Kind of Person?

Most pump users swear by it, but I have spoken to a number of folks recently that have tried the pump and didn't like it and went back to shots. So, I have two questions:

1 - Do you use a pump or shots?

2 - If you are a shots person, will technology advances with the pump change your mind?

We had this article on Diabetes News Hound this week about new technology that brings us a step closer to the artificial pancreas. Check it out here: FDA Approves New Medtronic Pump-Glucose Monitor System  


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until it can determine how much insulin i need itself...probably won't go on the pump again anytime soon.


MDI for the win!

[quote user="Batts"]

MDI for the win!



haha, batts.


i'm a pump person. i don't see anything wrong with MDI, i just find carrying all the supplies around a hassle. right now, all i keep in my purse is my monitor and some glc tabs. for me, it's convenience. i had no problems when i was on MDI, i had good control, was fairly active, and lived pretty normally.

I am a pump person all the way! 

I was on MDI for a long time but it was a fixed-carb plan so I felt really confined by it, and my blood sugars were not awful but not as good as I would like them to be.  The one experience I had with Lantus (when my pump failed when I was on vacation) was not great either - I was consistently high and didn't have the control in basal rates that I would like.  With the pump I can eat whatever and whenever I want, don't have to inject multiple times a day, and have better control.  So I love the pump!

I'm MDI, and my last A1c ws 5.2, so I think I'm doing ok.  But if I had health insurance, I would definitely switch to the pump!  But being MDI is a lot more affordable without having insurance, and I've been doing it practically my whole life, and I really, really know what I'm doing with it, so it's cool for now.  But hopefully I'll join the pump club soon.  Whenever I meet other diabetics my age, they can't even believe I'm MDI.

MDI for me.

I'm a pumper, but I'd rather take a shot every three days than do a site change. But the pump is much more convenient for how I live. 

I'm so happy to have a pump.  I was dx'd 3 years ago and only did MDI for 2 months before switching over.  I was hanging out with my little brother one day and was SO JEALOUS that he could just eat whatever he wanted and push a few buttons, whereas I had to take more shots if I changed my mind and wanted dessert.  It also made a huge difference with all the cycling I do - so nice to be able to make insulin adjustments on the fly.  I recently had to go 3 days without my pump (long story) and while it was nice to not be hooked up, I was reminded that it's a very small trade-off for the level of control and quality of life I feel like I have with the pump.  But I know that's just me...there are a lot of people who have great control with MDI.  I'm a little bit in awe of them!