Are You Guilty of Driving While Diabetic?

I wrote an editorial on Diabetes News Hound today about the growing number of car crashes being blamed on diabetes rather than the poor decisions made by the person operating the vehicle, who also happens to have diabetes. I think this is an important topic because driving in the United States is considered a privilege and not a Constitutional right. Other countries, such as the U.K., place restrictions of drivers that rely on insulin. You can check out the full editorial here: Are You Guilty of Driving While Diabetic?

It also got me to wondering what precautions, if any, you take to lower your risk of having a hypo or hyper glyciemic episode while driving or if this is even a concern?


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Scary semantics!

My state requires my doc to fill out a form and have an eye exam at the DMV every year in order to renew my license.  Next year I am having my doc attach a paper saying that I don't need another one for 3 or 5 years.

Really, I have been driving for 8 years and have NEVER been in an accident or gotten a ticket. I am a very good driver and always check my sugar before I get behind the wheel. Sadly without the extra coverage of the CGM that could be very helpful in keeping something from happening like an unexpected drop (they can happen to anyone)

But really? the woman in that article who went the wrong way?? drunk and smoking pot?? And they blame her diabetes, logic anyone?

Oh well, again, as i always say, this is why you can't be afraid to share your knowledge of diabetes and keep up to date on the most recent developments.


I concur with Stilledlife's observations completely (I find that happens a lot...)

For me, I always check before I get behind the wheel and I keep my CGMS receiver in a GPS mount on my windshield while I'm driving...  (Also always carry glucose & other such supplies)