Are You Offended By The Term Diabetic?

I started this new free diabetes news site called Diabetes News Hound and we used the word diabetic in one of our headlines. I have had diabetes for 8 years and never thought twice about using the term "diabetic" and never had a problem with anyone using that term in reference to me. However, I received e-mail from a few people suggesting that calling a person "diabetic" is offensive. We have tried to be sensitive to this topic since. What's your take, do you find the term offensive?

And, if you have time, I would love feedback on Diabetes News Hound as I always want to improve it.

Chris Frankie


Diabetes News Hound




Nope not offended...

No, because I am diabetic. But just so long as people remember that's not all I am, or all there is to me, I'm fine with it.

First and foremost I am Alyssa, then I'm a family member, a friend, a student, a writer... the list goes on. Somewhere in there I'm diabetic. But that's not my main focus; and it shouldn't be that of others, either, when they meet me.

Not offended either.  After all, I am diabetic.  What are those offended people suggesting you say?  'person with diabetes' ???

That's crazy, in my opinion.  You either chose to be offended about stuff, or you don't.  Simple as that.  

i think the same people who are offended by the term diabetic, are the same people who can't take a little joke about diabetes without crying and getting in an uproar or can't inject in public. overly sensitive about their own condition!

Not all the time, but when it is included with "You can't have sugar" I'm like, If I couldn't have sugar I'd be a Twig. You need sugar to live.

What are you supposed to say? "Insulin-challenged"?

Hahaha. "Insulin-challenged". That's a good one. (=

I don't get offended, but the organization that put on our local diabetes camp really advocates against it.  We're people first, thus they call each other "PWD's"...Person with diabetes.  The way they explain it is a lot better, but I can't remember it verbatim.

They're not super sensitive about it though.  They advocate it with a light heart and don't start crying if someone says something offensive.

definitely not offended. 

I'm only offended if someone can guaratee me that if they stop calling me diabetic, then I will stop being one. 

     Not offended in the least.

No. I am not offended.

I'm not offended at all, as long as that's not the only thing people see me as, like Alyssa said.

I am not offended, but people are getting too sensitive about being politically correct.  I work with blind and visually impaired people and we are not allowed to call our clients blind or visually impaired.  We have to refer to them as a person who is blind or a person who is visually impaired because they are people first.  It has even gotten to the point where the dogs that guide the blind are now referred to as dog guides instead of guide dogs because they are a dog first and then a guide.  Give me a break...  When I asked my clients about this none of them were offended about being called a blind person because that is what they are.  It is other people who are uncomfortable with the terms and not the people who have the disease/disability/etc.  What is the old saying a rose by any other name is still a rose?

not offended but personally i would rather b called a person with diabetes i dont really like diabetes defining me but im not really bothered

no way! there is nothing to be ashamed about, what else would you call it?...I just get slightly annoyed when people confuse type one with type two or think that they are one in the same. It's irritating!

I'm offended that people can be so cringe worthy P.C. to think diabetic is a slight or degrading, demeaning or offensive in any way!  It is what it is; THE PROPER description for a person with diabetes.  The thin skin and ultra sensitivity of the PC crowd truly enrages me more than if someone was to say "Oh you're the A-hole who can't eat cake, sucks to be you..." 

I'm speechless. (mutters what the world is coming to as he shakes his head in disgust)

Not offended at all!! There just jealous they're not as cool as me!! =) Kinda tell this alot to my friends and family joking around....I'm like you know you wish you could have a pump...yep yea I know you're jealous! LOL

As well as in my house... I like to refers to diabetes as the betes(which my mom hates) but my friends and brothers love it and so do i! =)

Not all!