ARGH! Any suggestions?

Okay so out of the last 7 days (not counting today) I've had ketones 6 times. Twice in one day so ketones for 5 days. I know I get rid of them and then the next day I'll have them again. Every time we change my site and get a shot. Last night we changed everything. Site, opened a new bottle of insulin, tubing, shot. Everything. Hopefully I won't get them today but my pump alarmed saying blockage detected. I'm hoping it was in the tubing becuase when I primped it and then got a bolus it didn't alarm again.

Argh, I just hate this! last night when I went to bed, I just started crying because I'm sick of this. How many times can you change you site in so many days?

From your message, I'm assuming you're getting ketones since you're high, not because of something else like an illness.

I'd call your pump company to make sure there's nothing wrong w/ it, not just the tubing. If you switch to shots for a couple of days (e.g., if the pump company is sending you a replacement) and you're still high, I'd talk to the endo about higher insulin doses. If not, you'll know it's the pump.

Good luck! I'm sure you'll get this figured out.

From what you're describing, it could be two things: either not enough basal insulin, or poor absorption.  Some people (like me) are more prone to absorption problems.  I've had many days when I have to change my site multiple times - it's very frustrating and I've been in tears too.  I'm learning that I need to get creative in choosing my sites..  Do you rotate enough and use different body parts?

Since this has been happening for about a week, is it possible you need to increase your basal rates?  Body changes, the menstrual cycle, and even aging can cause such things. You could try running a temp basal increase of 10% and see if that helps.

Tubing blocks are rate.  Blockages can often be caused by scar tissue, which is a sign that perhaps you aren't rotating your sites properly.  I've had this happen too, then I massage the area and the bolus goes through. 

Have you tried using your arms for sites?