ARGH! First illnes with D

Oh boy, here we go! My daughter was diagnosed with strep throat a couple of days ago, and the dreaded blood sugar rise has begun. I know we were warned about it, but it's still a shock when you check and it's 278!!   I have 2 questions: how long does the elavated blood sugars last, and will they suddenly drop back to where they were, or kind of roller coaster? For instance, she woke up at 152 (yay) but was 200+ again at lunch.  (She's still honeymooning, btw.)

I find that I have good levels even when I'm sick, but the really big highs i get don't go away until i'm 100% better.

I feel your pain! Mine bounces around alot with my sugar higher at night for some reason. It is not fun and hard to predict. Just try to keep to her schedule of eating and taking meds and she will be alright.

Thanks for the info!!  She just checked, and bedtime BS is 140!   :)

Yayyyyy! Just remember to try to stay on schedule but also each sickness reacts differently. Thanks for sharing the good news and I hope she feels better.