is there any parents with type 1 children out there . i have a 12 yr old with type1 he is on the pump now doing good . just asking because it would be nice to talk to other parents

Hi, I live in Ahwatukee and my seven year old son was diagnosed with T1 in July. I am looking for some other parents and kids with T1 in our area for support as well. You can contact me at


My daughter is on the pump too.  She is going to be 12 this month.  Im in north Phoenix...Ive been talking to her today about finding a friend her age who is also diabetic that she can just have as someone who relates (maybe blow off some steam).

my son goes to alts school what school does your daughter go to ? it would be great if my son had a friend or just someone to talk to about stuff they go through and cant talk to other kids about my email is my son has a facebook too we live in north phx too thanks for responding michelle

I just sent ya an email.  Im really excited that you replied.  Grace is really struggling and the fact none of her friends are diabetic makes it hard on her