If you live in Arizona and want to find others that live in your area this is the place!

I'm in Arizona today, but maybe not tomorrow... depends where school takes me.  :)

I'm currently out in Chandler, and I love it here.  The heat is pretty intense here in AZ, but the perks of predictable weather and a large but personal city full of culture are great.

Me, too! Phoenician here!  Hi Mad Evans!

I live in mid-town, near Thomas and Central.   Love it here!  Imported from Monterey, CA a few years ago and this is home now. 

Anyone else in the area?


Glendale...north part. 59th Ave. and the 101. Yeah, it's hot. I moved here about two years ago from New Jersey. Love the fall, winter, and spring in AZ. I don't have any issues with Christmas being a non-snow fact, I like being able to ride my BIKE on Christmas WITHOUT A JACKET if I want to. I don't miss the snow or the cold or the regular rain one bit. HowEVER, the summers are really hot. 

A friend back East recently asked me what summer really feels like in Arizona. I explained that going outside in summer is like opening a giant oven door and walking in. You feel that first blast of hot air on your face and then you feel it fusing together your pores and instantly parching  your eyeballs.

I guess wherever you go, there are bound to be cons (versus the pros), and Arizona is no exception. But it's home now. And I like the pinks here. In the flowers. They're unbelievably vibrant. Maybe because the landscape is so neutral-colored. The pinks are incredible. :)


I live here in Glendale (SW by the stadiums). Been in AZ for 5 years! Summers suck trying to keep the meds cool while I'm out playing soccer and running, but other than that I love it here!

Anyone else a diabetic athlete here in town? Would love to find some friends!


Hi guys! I am here in Arizona as a Freshman at the University of Arizona in Tucson.  If you know of any other diabetics here, let me know because we just started a club and are looking for more members, thanks!

Hey Tavia!

That's awesome.  I'm actually at medical school at U of A's extension campus up in Phoenix.  That's awesome that you're starting a club for undergrads down there.  Let me know how it goes and if I can help out with anything!


Hey suzanne,

                               My name is Ke'Arrah Williams. I was wondering how do you make it throught by being a althete and being a diabetic at the same time.


                                                                                                                                                                                    Ke'Arrah Williams