I like to draw and paint alot and pay trumpet.Does any one else ith diabetes?

Sorry with


The site wont allow you upload your artwork..... The images come up blank? Is there a reason for this?

Site still wont allow image uploads into Media so people still can't see any artwork we want to post. I think the best way to go about it is to create a file of art work under our profile since the site wont allow uploads into the group.

Hi Michael-someone was kind enough to give me this answer-If you want to post something-there is an attachement  link-click on it and you should be able to attach whatever file you want to attach.You can also do it on your profile page.---sometimes here in groups,it takes a while before someone sees a question--hope you can show your art work-it would be good to see it !

Sorry I'm slow to get back to you, my artwork shows just fine ill post something for you to see....well actually you may be right I got this error message just now

Sorry, there was a problem with your last request!

Either the site is offline or an unhandled error occurred. We apologize and have logged the error. Please try your request again or if you know who your site administrator is let them know too.

I also like to write, draw, paint, craft, play the piano, and am now teaching myself to play the violin.

Well, for some reason the site is not allowing to post images at the moment, so here is the link to my blog site:


I enjoy writing. Music has always been a passion of mine as well. I played jazz trumpet in high school, even went to State. I also play guitar, bass, piano, drums (percussion), and am currently the lyricist and vocalist in a band From Thoreau. All of these things are great outlets, especially with all of the anger and bitterness I let build up in my teenage years. I like to paint too, but I haven't painted anything in 3 years now. I miss it. Hopefully my wife and I can decorate our new apartment with some crazy portraits or something.

You don't have to feel creative to be creative. Just do what comes out of your heart and listen to your emotions. And keep doing it!

i draw a lot of sketches and i make music on garage band (app on macs) and some times i do paintings

can you draw a picture of a pancreas with a face crying? or something diabetic related for me

I am very pleased to say that I have made a living doing art work. I paint and sculpt in clay. Mostly dog show trophies, air show trophie and people's personal dog's...