Artificial Pancreas Research in Canada

Ran across this recent news article:

The study compared glucose control in an artificial pancreas system containing both insulin and glucagon to a pump with insulin only.  The results show improved control including reduced incidence of hypoglycemia using the dual-hormone system.

Amazing article. Thank you for that great read! It's just proving more and more the progression of treatment that we are experimenting with. I'm sure all of can't wait to get our hands on this. Proud that this was done at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec (where I'm from). I got plenty of friends who study there and they do exceptional research.

I do have a question though, maybe someone can answer. I always got the impression Glucagon was something that when administered makes you feel like crap (vomiting, nausea, etc...). Does that have to do with the amount that is being administered?

I've never had a glucagon injection, so I don't know first-hand how it makes you feel.  However it is normally released by hypoglycemia and causes the liver to produce glucose.  I know I always feel awful after a particularly deep low, so it may be the hypoglycemia that causes that feeling rather than the glucagon.  Or as you said, it could be a that a large dose of it would produce the unpleasant wiped-out feeling.  I'm betting that a small amount at a time doesn't have a noticeable effect or else it wouldn't be a viable method for use in a dual-hormone delivery system.

Read this article a while back and am thrilled about the progress that is happening. While these things always take a long time (understandibly) to put in effect, we are headed in the right direction. My only fears and most likely something that they will be working on is what happens if my smartphone is misplaced/stolen or the CGM is inaccurate?

Can't answer the question about why glucagon makes you feel like crap but I can sure confirm that it does! The migrane does not compare to anything I've ever experienced. And the vomitting... horrible!!! But migranes and vomiting are definitely greater than the ulternative.

That's for sure! Still it's a really cool concept and I've seen some youtube stuff on it, it's really really promising and cool. Interesting question you ask about losing the smartphone, then what?! I'm sure they have thought this one through as well. Maybe someone here knows. I would probably have to agree with Ebgineer that maybe small amounts just don't have the same effect. Very plausible situation.