Artificial Pancreas Trial

This week I've had the opportunity to be one of the first people in the United States to wear an artificial pancreas as part of an outpatient trial at the University of Virginia (a JDRF supported trial).  This amazing technology utilizes an insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor (both already on the market) in a closed loop system operated from a hand held cell phone-like device.  I cannot say enough good things about the research team at UVA and this trial experience, like the several others I've had here before, has been wonderful.  The artificial pancreas will be life changing for type 1 diabetics.  We need to do everything we can to ensure continued funding to keep this research moving forward!  Learn more here:

What is the cgm like? Is it an upgrade from what is currently available on the market?  I had a horrible experience with mine and found it very inaccurate. I wouldn't want something like today's not-that-accurate monitor controlling my insulin dosing.


The CGM in this trial was the Dexcom Seven Plus - I've worn this CGM nearly every day since August 2009 and find it to be very accurate.  That said, I know other trials are currently taking place on improved sensors and I'm sure that nothing will go to market without increased sensor accuracy.