Artificial Pancreas

So apparently there is a fourteen year old girl, Sarah, participating in a trial for an artificial pancreas. The article can be found here:

I don't know about you guys, but the "artificial" part makes me a little nervous. Personally, I think I would rather wait for a cure-cure than jump on this treatment-cure in the course of the next few years. Just nerves, I suppose :) Advancements are always good.

it probably wont last. scar tissue will form or it starts malfunctioning... and will probably still have to check our blood sugar once in a while. but oh! just living without the worry, without trying to make pre-planned adjustments, eating whatever, whenever...

eating whatever, whenever. how would that affect our blood sugar? could it still go too high?

i hope the scientists are checking that and all the complications we could still be at risk of.

but it would be wonderful if it did work out ok!


As far as I know, the pump adjusts for all exercise and food, kind of like we do but I think its based off CGM-like technology.

I saw that on the news yesterday too and it just made me hopeful.  It said there were still years of testing but it is still encouraging!


Hi Alyssa,I have been so exited about the Artificial Pancreas since 1st hearing of it.I do wish they would change the name-Artificial Pancres-I don't know why,but  it bothers me.What I love is what this might do for everyone one day.I heard it might take 10 yrs, to get it just right.Maybe they will hurry that up with all the hope behind it.I saw  where a person went into the hospital and was hooked up to this and felt such freedom.She was in with the testing of it.Thank you for bringing this up.I feel exited about it !!!

I called the contact number on the newsblurb, they're not taking participants for any trials at this time, but they are looking into creating an online signup tool.  I'll post it if they ever send it to me.

We live with hope and faith!  This is a step!

I would rather wait for a cure too. Wouldn't you like not live as long? Like the same with an artificial heart? Well I guess if your artificial pancreas stops working couldn't you always go back to shots or an insulin pump?

This is the future as I see it.  I've known that pump companies have this as their goal to build a "closed loop" mechanical pancreas.  I remember reading this at least 5-7 years ago.  I had no idea it was this close to actually happening.  Sounds kindof cool.  I wish them the best.  If they ever get all the bugs worked out and it really works, I want one.

Woooohooooo!  This is the way to go until we can regenerate beta cells!  Our endo says 3-4 years of trials before it will become available, and probably a little longer until insurance will cover it.  Right now, it's all external.  Basically a pump and a monitor, with a little gizmo that lets them talk to one another.  One more step in the right direction...


What excites me is it wouldn't require any immunosuppression, no risk of rejection, and will likely have a way to let you know if any errors occur as they happen (as opposed to a failing pancreas).