Artificial sweetener “swerve”

Anyone have any experience with this one…it’s erythritol. Some of the sugar alcohols still have an impact on my BG…curious if anyone’s tried this one?

I try to avoid the -tol sweeteners because of their common laxative effect, but YMMV. In what sorts of products do you find erythritol?

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Hi Alice,

Likewise, I also find that the sugar alcohols affect my blood sugar, though not as much as ‘normal’ sugars or carbs like white rice. One ‘sugar-free’ candy (with one of the polyols) won’t really have an affect, but any more will.

The Joslin Clinic has a very good article on sugar alcohols and their affect, so it’s worth checking out if you are interested.

I had started using Swerve and loved it, and it seemed to have little or no effect on my blood sugar. However, after a short period of time I realized it was making me REALLY gasses and giving me the runs :frowning: Now I tend to use monkfruit and stevia.