Artificial sweetners?

Ethan usually gets a  tummy ache from sweetners. We have found stevia. We like this product a lot. I was wondering if anyone else have found some other alternantive to things like nutrasweet and things like that? What are your takes on them?

Usually, Andrew can taste it and says "It's sour".  So right now we're still using Splenda.  I've just found out about the stevia, but haven't tried it yet.  He's not to keen on trying new things because he equates all foods with "insulin shots". 

Can you use stevia as a subsitute like splenda while cooking?

I believe you can cook with it. i am not sure how it converts measure wise though. Check with a natural food store. They should be able to help. It does not have that asprin flavor.

I am not a big fan of artifical sweenters because of all the negative stuff I read about it.  How do you feel about using artifical sweenters vs regular sugar?  Since this will be a lifetime of use for my 6 year old son I try to limit the amout of artficial sweetners he has.  Any thoughts or suggestions?  Is stevia the natural sweetner I just heard about?



Hi.  I am mom of a 7 year-old with diabetes.  We use Splenda here and there for sweeting cereal like Rice Krispies and regular Cheerios.  I've baked with Splenda found that while I can taste the difference, she can't. :-)  It's expensive, but worth it.  Have you tried Splenda? 


I have read some negative stuff from the splenda side of thing as well. We tried the diet rite soda and he still got tummy aches. So we avoid that one, too. Not to many options :(  for us.  But, thanks for the suggestion.

Well with Ocean we try to stay away from sugar free stuff that has any type of sweetner but Ocean being on the pump does make it easier. But As far as the aspertane, splenda and other sweetners my dietician said you would have to consume a daily amount of I think around 2 cans of diet pop a day for many many years. for it to have an effect on your body health wise. But whether she was educated in it I don't know. The only thing ocean has that is diet is pop, crystal light and pancake syrup. Daily she hardly drinks any juice it is usually water and milk and doesnt have waffles or pancake every day, so there for she doesnt get alot.