As if teenage pregnancy scares weren't bad enough!

I seem to have found myself in quite the dilemma. My bloodsugars have been in the three hundreds for the past month, I thought this was a result of my horrible cold. It was only today that I realized I've been displaying all the signs of pregnancy(morning sickness, rediculously frequent urination, mood swings and semi strange cravings). I also awoke from a nap today to realize I was spotting, not heavy like a period just light spotting. I also check for ketones every two days since my blood sugar has been so high and today my ketostik told me I had VERY high ketones. I was only diagnosed a half a year ago& I feel so confused and worried. 

not relevent to the diabetes but if I am pregnant it's with the child of my boyfriend who leaves for marine bootcamp in three months. just to add to the suck factor of this all.

any advice or personal experience would be lovely.

Hi Melissa,

Sorry to hear you're having a rough patch with the BG numbers, and the other issues.  You can buy a home pregnancy test from a grocery store for around $10 - they are quite accurate, and even if it comes out negative, that's something you can rule out as to why things aren't going like they usually do.

There are many possibilites for what you're describing.  The frequent urination, mood swings and nausea can all be side effects of high blood sugars and ketones.  Ketones are serious, especially if you're spilling enough that you're in the dark pink area of the bottle.  Some people chose a hospital visit if they can't get rid of the ketones on their own; you and your parents will have to make the call on that one.  The best thing you can do for yourself is to keep taking insulin to try to correct the high readings you're getting, and DRINK LOTS OF WATER.  High numbers from ketones will usually take a significantly larger amount of insulin than a "regular" high number would, so if you keep seeing high numbers every two hours as you're testing, keep correcting and keep checking your blood sugar.

Have you talked to your doctor about any of this?  I'm not a doctor, so everything I'm saying here is just what I know from personal experience, and the experience of others.

Hang in there.

Thanks Kim, the boyfriend and I are heading down to the doctor tomorrow. I'm all over the water since after I was diagnosed I kicked soda. And while I understand the seriousness of ketones and high Bg readings, The last time I went into the hospital for it I was told very calmly by my endocrinologist that I just needed to bump up my levemir and drink water. I'll keep you posted on my progress 

Hoping all is good for you!!!! Got to love this! LOL

Did you see the doctor today? But, either way, maybe this will be like a "wake up call" to get your numbers in better control? As well as increasing basal doses, increasing the numbers of times I test per day helps me when I get into a rough patch. For me, before and after every meal is necessary if I want to have any sort of control.

If you are pregnant, all you can do if keep your numbers down from here and make sure you're followed by a specialist. FYI, when women w/ diabetes get their a1c's down very quickly for a pregnancy, it can increase their risk of diabetic retinopathy (something about the sudden change in control can affect the small blood vessels in your eyes). So, I'd also make an eye doctor appt too.

Do you have support from a parent/parents at home? I was 29 when I tried to get pregnant, and the process was very stressful with the D. So, a support system would be great (either way!).

Well, I hope this is nothing for you b/c it doesn't sound like an ideal time for a pregnancy, but we're here to answer your questions and for support either way!