As time goes by

This forum got me thinking.  I went to some parties in high school and they were largely pizza and other carby events and it was challenging.  Then I went off to college, became social chair for my fraternity and made every mistake imaginable (a few should probably have been named after me).  Back then, my doc had told me to be careful about alcohol because it would raise my blood sugar. A little human testing and a few trips to the ER, I learned he was wrong before they had studies confirming that, when processing alcohol, the liver quits making sugar. 

Now, functions are more formal or they are childrens events and the drinking is more limited or non-existent and the arrays of food are once again the main focus.  With MDI I had gotten really good at gauging things but I wasn’t doing formal carb counting.  I was looking at a pile of food and giving insulin to cover what I knew I would eat.  And I would usually end up pretty close to target or a hair low.  Now that I am pumping, I am playing with all the new insulin delivery options and still getting a handle on my carb-guesstimates.  I am not above doing a 3 hour extended bolus for 65 carbs walking into a holiday event and then still blousing again to meet the needs of individual food indulgences…

For those of you who have been pumping for ages, what are your best holiday party strategies?



T1D, Dx '83, pumping with Omnipod 


I was diagnosed when i was 8years old. I started out with getting injections then started using the pen. I now have the insulin pump