Assistance programs for G6 & Omnipod?

Hello, I’m new here.

I wanted to introduce myself to the forum, and also ask a question, thanks I’m advance.

The question is, are there any programs or assistance that you have found helpful, than can be recommended for acquiring the Dex Com G6 equipment and Omnipod’s?

I contacted the manufacturers but they are no help at all as they “don’t supply the equipment but only through a specialty pharmacy” so the end result was no programs are available for financial assistance.

Even with good insurance it’s still a bit expensive to pay routinely monthly every 30~Days!

Hi @Syncere1 . Have you worked with the device reps to coordinate insurance benefits? When I started on my devices my doctor’s office put me in touch when their reps, who recommended suppliers; then they coordinated processing of my insurance so I knew what my financial responsibility would be. I’ve found the reps to be pretty knowledgeable about the different coverages their patients have.

If you have not looked yet, but Dexcom does have a financial aid assistance program. It’s 90 dollars every 6 months. That will get you a 9 week set of sensors and one transmitter for 45 dollars and then at the 3 month mark you pay another 45 dollars for the same thing. Here’s the link for the financial aid assistance program for Dexcom.

As far as OmniPod goes, they do have an assistance program as well. You basically write a letter about your income and based on the tier requirements you could qualify for the highest tier. Here is that information as well. Financial Assistance Program | Insulin Pump Therapy | Omnipod

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