At a party

Im 13 and when  go 2 partys with my friends its hard not 2 stuff my face with chips and coke but sometimes i do stuff my face and i get high. other times i forget to bolus( i have a pump ) and then i eat alot a get high. i need some advis on how to remember to check and bolus befor i go all out and eat half the bowl of Doritos :{

Well, I don't go to alot of parties other than birthdays, but something that might help is mabye setting an alarm on your phone? I do that and another thing is letting my friends know when I have to check so they can help remind me sometimes. Hope it helps some I'm the same way =P

i do it on the car the way there its not like they wait two hours b4 they put the food out and if they do its a bonus cuz u can just go and ask for food for it

my mom make sure that my friends know to remind me to bolus & not to stuff my face.