At-Home A1C Kits

How accurate are they? Anyone have any experience with these?



i have used one i think it was called A1C Now and it was very accurate

I've heard they can be accurate but are not advised to replace the actual lab test. I know in the States, it's been said on here that some doctors use them in their office. In Canada, I haven't heard of that though.

If you're looking for one that has the highest accuracy, I would call a couple endo offices in your area (if you're in the states), see if they use at-home kits and what brand. They are most likely to pick the best of the options (well you'd assume so at least).

I buy the Bayer A1c test and use it with my daughter between doctors visits. It seemed pretty accurate, then I noticed last Dr. visit that her doctor was using the same test - so I guess it passes the Dr. test.

I think that's what my new doctor used!

My wal-mart carries the Bayer at home kit for around $28.00 u.s.

I use the Reli-on a1c test (wal-mart brand) for about 9 dollars and it is easy to use and you get your results in about a week in the mail.

I have used the Bayer test a few times and all the results seemed accurate and matched close to lab results I have gotten around the same time.  I am type 1.  However, my wife has seen her a1c creep up the last few years, her maother is type 2, and at her last doctor's appointment for her annual physical it had gone up to 5.9.  I told her to watch out, and she paid attention to her carbs and continued her exercise for the next six months.  At that point I had her tested on an at home Bayer kit.  I was shocked to see a 6.8 result and she went right to her doctor the next day to do a lab test.  The test came back at 5.8, so I am really confused and a bit skeptical now.  I don't understand why her test was so far off.