Atheism and T1D

I am an atheist and was wondering if there are any other atheists out there who live with Type 1 diabetes?

Hmmm. Actually, I’ll say agnostic, rather than atheist. But the bottom line is that I typically rely on myself, my family and friends, and my medical team for support and inspiration. I don’t look to a higher power. T1D is not an easy ride and it is a lot of work and sometimes we just need a break. But the bottom line is that with strength and determination it is do-able.


That is a really great way to look at it. You are completely right when saying that T1D is not an easy ride. But with the right help we can get through an obstacles in our way!


I am not an atheist sorry, but, I hope you can find someone else who shares your beliefs!

It seems as though many people who are religious use their faith to find meaning in their T1D or to get comfort in dealing with their T1D. I get hope from following the advances of medical science and from my supportive network of friends. T1D aint easy! :slight_smile: