Athletic shorts

When I'm lounging around the house, I like to wear tank tops/fitted tees with athletic shorts. But when I wear athletic shorts I have to clip my pump to my shorts, and if I wear a tank top my pump creates an annoying bulge under the shirt.

Point: Do any of you know of athletic shorts that have pockets (on both sides) big enough for a pump?



Idk if this is what your talking about but I think they have some baskettball shorts with deep pockets on both sides. Hope this helps!


i have these blue shorts from adidas, they have three white strips on the side AND pockets so keep your eye out for them. (they arent mesh)

Hi Amanda,

I just happened to buy a pair of Tek Gear Basketball Shorts with side pockets at Kohl's today.

Kohl's is having a buy-1-get-1-free sale now at their stores and online.  These are similar to those I purchased.

Tek Gear Basketball Shorts

OK thanks guys I'll check over at kohls and see if they have the tek gear/bball shorts.

Basketball shorts seem to be the best option out there. I myself have a pair of Under Armour Lax shorts that have pockets in them as well. The only shorts I tend to find without pockets tend to be either soccer or running.

amanda, I know what you are talking about, I hate that annoying bulge too. The kinda tight athletic shorts for girls with the white stripes on the side right? I don't even think most girl shorts have pockets in those. you can try to be creative. Stick it in your bra! Well if you wear one that is LOL

Well I went to Kohls yesterday and... nothing. A few with pockets but not in my size. So now will try to order online!