Autism,Celiac & T1D

Hi my 12 year Daughter who has Autism and Celiac disease was newly diagnosed December 28, 2016 (a little more than 3 weeks ago) its been hellish =(

I’m so sorry for your difficulties. I have Asperger’s, T1D and just recently developed a sensitivity to gluten as well (I did not get tested for Celiac). I was diagnosed with T1D at 14. Things will calm down. The beginning is hard because you’re bombarded with new information, new medicines, new foods and new routines. Try to keep your home life as normal as possible and take things one at a time. I’m so glad you’ve found this online community. It’s a great place to ask questions and learn about all things T1D. I hope things starting getting better for you all soon!

Wow, that’s a lot to handle! I have T1D, was diagnosed 52 1/2 years ago. My son has Celiac disease, and my husband has High Blood Pressure, so we deal with a lot of dietary restrictions in our home, but they are for individuals, not all for one person. Still, I make meals that we can all eat, not individual meals. Anyway, if you have any questions about Diabetes, don’t hesitate to ask! There are a lot of us out here, and most of us are willing to share our experiences and answer any questions!

I’m sorry it took so long for me to reply, I couldn’t remember my password lol. I finally just changed it. Life definitly has been crazy but you are right that things are already starting to settle. We went to dinnee at Chilis last night and I was pretty impressed with how smooth it went. We ordered and then before food came we figured out blood sigars, carb count and correction then did our insulin and had a nice meal together. It was our first dinner out since this all started. Thank you for the vote of confidence ((((( hugs )))))

Thanks to both of you !!!
((((( hugs )))))
it means so much to have others reach out and offer support when your feeling lost and scared.

Hi! Late entry here but if you haven’t joined the Autism and T1D facebook group - you should do so! Very informative group of parents and peers navigating both autism and T1d issues.