Auto immune disorders

Just wondered if other type 1's here have other auto immune diseases? 

I was diagnosed with type 1, two months later diagnosed with grave's disease, three months later celiac disease.  All auto immune diseases, and my GI doctor said he thought that my undiagnosed, untreated celiac disease likely caused all three diseases.


Cheryl,  Was it hashimoto's?  Do you have to take medication for it now?

My daughter the type 1 also has exzema, which is also an auto immune disease. Not that it's a big deal, but a 4 year old with dry scaly skin when she already has to deal with all of this kind of stinks. 

I have lichen planus (skin disease) and hoping to stop right there!

Yes it is hashimoto's.  I just take a pill of Levothyroxine every day.  I never had any symptoms of feeling tired or anything.  There are 7 relatives on my mom's side with it, so very hereditary.

My daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes almost exactly 2 years ago.  A couple of months later, during a regular hair cut, her hair dresser showed me some bald spots on her scalp.  I took her to the dermatologist.  She has alopecia (resulting in chronic bald spots on her scalp) - also an autoimmune disorder.  Weird.