We are excited to announce our field study for you/your child if you have been told you have one or more autoantibodies. After 19 years of counselling families with the “cocktail” of high dose Omega 3 fatty acids and Vit D, we now are providing testing with an online survey and a mail in finger poke kit. You can go to to get your free kit if you know you/your child have tested positive for one or more autoantibodies.
I can be reached at if you have any questions.
Thanks! Sonia
P.S. This site doesn’t allow me to post more - but if you email me, I can send you the research and additional links.

This site is being censored, and I have no idea why. We are advocating a solution for health which involves safe, affordable and efficacious levels of Vit D3 and O-3/AA ratios with free testing. The link normally works, but it is being censored for some reason on this site…there are 21 drug companies competing for these children if they are aab+…hmmm…
Anyway, feel free to email me and I can send you the links if you want to participate in something safe and affordable - and testing is free.

They are sponsoring 21 trials which have grave health consequences - everything from Abatacept to Anti-cd3 - all of which can cause cancer. We are promoting something that reverses autoantibodies and suppresses inflammatory cytokines which is healthy and affordable. No patents, no $, no fame, just doing the right thing. I know that the drug companies and investigators involved with them have spent hundreds of millions, but maybe just use common sense and look at what is healthy and works! For thousands of years -the Roman Empire, the Vikings - it is all about the Omega 3 fatty acids and Vit D3.