Autoimmune disaster

Ever start to feel really loopy/desperate about your auto immune issues?

I am. My insides are a wreck and my face looks like it has been attacked by a dermal, my hands and chest look like they have been shot by a spread shot round. I HATE my allergies. They are getting out of control and more severe and making me miss work! I had to leave my last job because of my allergy to aluminum for Pete's sake! I didn't even know I was allergic to aluminum until my airways started to close when someone opened a bad of aluminum silicate!

I've been really good with my food allergies, avoiding what I can't have, but everyone slips up and I did. Milk got into my diet. This used to not be that bad, I used to just get hives on my hands. This time I about passed out. My face and limbs swelled like balloons and my chest began to ache. My ears even began to swell shut. painful. I have suffered from that mistake for 3 days now waiting for the histamine in my face and eyes to loosen up.

Luckily by blood sugar was only bad for the 1st day (oh silver lining.)

But is there no relief? Why are they getting so much worse? And why don't I have a prescription for epinephrine and have NEVER been tested for any allergies? And lastly why am I asking so many rhetorical questions?

So any words of wisdom, allegory, or a supply of Trichuris trichiura eggs would be greatly appreciated.

Hmmm, until I read your post…and lost the battle resisting the urge to google…I never gave thought to allergies being related to autoimmune disorders. I was diagnosed T1 at age 10. I never had allergies until age 18 when my A1c was at an all-time high and now that I think of it, I started with really bad seasonal allergies. I got pregnant in 2008, started the pump in 2009 and my A1c’s have been their lowest ever since. I randomly commented to my husband recently that my allergies ‘went away’…but perhaps it’s A1c-related?

WTF are trichuris trichiura eggs?? I refuse to google again!

My allergies have gone away since smoothing out my numbers and when I used to have alot of lows my sinuses felt bad and I was tired alot. I am finally not having many lows and I feel really good. Somehow it seems the more regulated the body is the better for the rest of the body...but your allergist would know the answers.

I hear you! I think auto-immune issues can def increase as you age. And no, mine don't seem to get better or worse depending on my a1c. It definitely sucks!!!!

lol My A1c has been kicking butt since I came here. From the 8.whatever I started as I am down to 7 and keeping tighter and tighter control. But my food and non organic allergies are getting worse and a lot more painful. Pain=Good Deterrent. However I'm not quite vigilant enough to grill all family members and friends on the contents of what they make or the products they use to make thing. The response of "I didn't tell you because I didn't believe you or think it would be enough to hurt you" just nearly kills me (lol.)

Oh, and Trichuris trichiura is actually the human variety  of whipworm that are being studied as a treatment of autoimmune disorders. I for one would love to be on one of the research studies for. It won't fix my diabetes but it would be fun to see if it stopped the progression of my immune systems attack on proteins.