Autoimmune Protocol Diet (AIP) and food intolerances

150 pt blood sugar spike overnight with riced cauliflower. 5 hour delayed spike and 5 times the insulin requirement for real, no fat added white rice. Bolusing for zero carbohydrate greek yogurt. Severe pain with onions, tomatoes (sketti sauce, too!), mushrooms, peppers, carob, corn, etc. Nausea with cheddar cheese. Wrists and ankles feel like they are going to fall off with poultry. Does this sound like anyone? And, did it happen overnight? Just like polly-anna-ing that at least I have insulin, I did fortuitously fail prior to the food pains, and then succeed with the Autoimmune Protocol Diet (AIP), with additional low FODMAPS and low glycemic index foods for good measure when I was in misery. It’s just so cumbersome of a lifestyle. And, if you’re not Elmer Fudd, it’s very expensive. If you are not familiar with AIP, its goal is to heal the stomach lining with the theory that all autoimmune diseases stem from that dysfunction. Grassfed organ meats and vegetables are emphasized. 30 day elimination, and some forever eliminations include: all grains (especially corn, this includes cooking oils and grain fed animals, even organic grain fed animals), dairy, sugars, nightshade vegetables (onions, mushrooms, potatoes, tomatoes, etc), legumes, eggs, and over 2 daily servings of fruit. FODMAPS eliminates cruciferous (broccoli, cauliflower, cantaloupe, etc) and pits/seeds (apples, pears, avocados, strawberries, etc). Low glycemic is a chart, and so far parsnips, sweet potatoes, etc are not great for me. My diet includes mostly seafood, grass fed beef, zucchini, summer squash, cucumbers, carrots, mixed greens, pineapple, grapes, maple syrup, kiwi, green bananas, almond butter, and olive oil. It has been years since a belly friendly restaurant experience or bold grocery-ing, yet, yes I am in a lot less arthritic and nerve-like pain with this food lifestyle. And, a bigger yes, if there was a medication solution that could open up all of the food restrictions, and reduce my now present food fears, that would be incredible. My gastroenterologists did not have any recommendations, yet they were primarily focusing on my liver. Any ideas? Any anti-inflammation treatments for RA, etc., that worked digestively? And, if you know of any newly diagnosed T1, this diet, in conjunction with more GLP-1 like medications is supposed to prolong the “Honeymoon Period,” and the honeymoon’s infinitely easier and gentler glucose control for years.

Hi @mamamaegs and welcome to TypeOneNation. Please the sure to read our guidelines when you have a moment. I am no doctor but I have been successfully treating my type 1 for over 40 years.

It sounds like you have a bit of information which is great. Have you had a consultation with an autoimmune/allergy specialist? You know that autoimmune issues sometimes come in clusters and many of our participants have RA as well as celiac and other autoimmune disorders to add to the fun of type1. I don’t have much to add because I only have type 1 and hypothyroidism and I can eat pretty much whatever.

Prolonged honeymoon is only awesome when it’s consistent. Many of us have experienced a short and highly inconsistent honeymoon.

I urge you to continue to work with your doctors and hope that you find some relief soon. Cheers and good luck :four_leaf_clover:

Thanks Joe. My last 2 A1c’s were 4.7% and 4.8%…depends on how you view success. It’s definitely the danger zone, yet not frying nerve endings with glucose. And, yes I am aware of the autoimmune clustering effect. Some of my digestive issues were gradual this decade and the most severe with the additional appendage pain and swelling that also reacted to mildly elevated glucose, seems to have been caused suddenly via a physical examination. For fun and basic better health, I had already eliminated gluten and primarily ate organic and vegan, even though not seemingly suffering from celiac. So far, I haven’t had luck getting a referral for the digestive issues to an allergist, or even naturopath, yet I tried to leverage my gastroenterologist liver consults for more digestive info, too, and I may do the same with common rhinitis treatment via an allergist. It’s more bizarre because I’ve always had an “iron gut” despite these newer severities. And, I am not certain about the additional info for the honeymooners–it seems to follow the theory of taking burden off of the still functioning beta cells to preserve them, much like a low carb diet and glp-1 would. When I was “just for fun” eliminating gluten, etc., I merely saw the AIP protocol online and tried and failed it due to weak stomach acid from being vegan so long. When I was withering in pain, I remembered reading about it and others’ similar RA and neuropathy like pain and decided to try it again with the then better poultry eating stomach acid. Thankfully, I did, as it worked, even though I am not a fan of the WebMD approach to managing one’s health. This was actually Pinterest knowledge, though :). I would like a medication or treatment to work and give me back a lot of freedom. We shall see. I feel like I’ve been patient enough. Bright note, I have fought and seemingly one back diet sodas and their sugar substitute back into my body. If I’d been granted bariatric surgery to mitigate the need for a lot of insulin adjusting and snack repelling, diet soda might not seem as crucial to me. May you continue to be well.