Automobile insurance

Our grandson finally received his learner's permit to drive,  The auto insurance company wishes to add an extra premium because he is a type 1 diabetic.  Does anyone know whether this is permissible in California?

I have never been asked about my health history my my insurance company, but I don't live in California. My guess is that it is legal because insurance companies can charge more for statistically higher risk individuals. If it were me, I would contact ADA or JDRF in California, and ask if they know if it's legal.

I am in Ca. and they didn't even ask me!!! Of course I am 54, maybe it's because it's his first permit?????

im on my mom insurance & them dont do that i will ask jdrf or ada just to make sure.

That seems strange.  I've lived in CA all of my life, diagnosed at 17, after I got my license and have never, ever been asked about diabetes by my auto insurance company.  I suggest you email the insurance commissioners office.  I believe they will give you an answer.  I think being a new driver, there is no history of him driving while low or whatever for them to base the higher charges on.