Autonomic Neuropathy

It seems obvious my 19 year old child has autonomic neuropathy. It’s so sad. She is suffering a lot and doctors (ER, and a neurologist) aren’t diagnosing and helping her so she continues to suffer while waiting weeks for an emg which alone won’t confirm a diagnosis anyway. Her primary care doctor put her on gabapebtin (painkiller for neuropathy) but it only covers 20 to 50% of the pain at best and only for part of the day. Her health is declining. How can I get her real help ASAP? What can I do to best support her? I’m trying my best to help her.

Heartbroken Mom

@K11 Hi Katherine,

I am sorry I can’t help directly, I am bumping this back to the top in hopes someone will see this.

An immunologist may have a different insight if her body is attacking her nerve cells. If it is not her autoimmune system, many people find that good blood sugar control can stabilize the progress of neuropathy. Good luck!