Autosoft 90 vs Autosoft 30 (tubing connectors are not interchangeable!)

I’ve been using the Autosoft 90 infusion sets since Tandem required the t-lock. I preferred the old model (without the t-lock) because the introducer was easier to remove. I don’t know if Tandem is doing something different or if it’s me, but with the last few boxes I’ve had a hard time taking it off, and I was concerned I might be jostling the cannula as I tried to use my big fingers to hold the tape in place as I did so. So I decided to try the T30, and since it was time for a site change I inserted my first one this morning. It was a bit awkward simply because it was my first time using it, but I feel much more comfortable since I can hold the cannula in place as I remove the inserter.
I may be starting the obvious here but just wanted to say, the connectors are not interchangeable. I was going to use the tubing from my A90 but it wouldn’t fit the end of the A30. Fortunately I was at home rather than out when I made the switch! Tubing for the 30 comes in individually wrapped packets in the box with the introducer, while the 90 is coiled in the inserter - so don’t forget to take one with you.

Attached is a side by side of the tubings: pink is the A90 and grey is the A30.

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I hear what you are saying @wadawabbit . I’ve noticed too that the AutoSoft XC [the 90 degree] applicator appears to stick to the adhesive and I fear that I might dislodge the cannula - hasn’t yet happened. I use the XC in my upper arms so I’m doing the application with one hand - no fat fingers involved.

I also agree with you that it could be more handy having the connectors interchangeable. I use the 13 mm AutoSoft 30 in my abdomen.